Sean Walker Leaves Micronations

Sean Walker (Aka. Yuri Andropov, Koba III, and a whole bunch of other names) has decided to leave micronations. He made the announcement in Babkha earlier this week citing real life priorities as his main reason for giving up the game. Just a few weeks before, Sean’s best friend in both micronations and real life, Julian Starr, left the Game. Interland is perhaps the hardest hit as both personalities were closely connected to Interland throughout its history – Sean served as President of the Commonwealth of Interland until he resigned in the face of protest in October 2001. He has since been a member of Babkha and is remembered by quite a few in the People’s Revolutionary Party for his malicious attack on the PRP’s website and one of its members, Red Liberator.

Earlier this week, in the Tymarian High Tribunal, Red Liberator re-filed his case against Yuri Andropov regarding the attack on the PRP. Justice (Ret’d) Julian Starr threw out the case the first time it was introduced to the High Tribunal, but Red Liberator was awarded a second hearing by Justice Rob Peel this week to decide whether or not Justice Starr was in a conflict-of-interest over the matter and to decide whether or not a new trial would be held. Justice Peel decided after hearing arguments from Mr. Liberator and viewing ‘new’ evidence that Yuri was indeed guilty of the crime and over-turned the decision of retired Justice Starr by banning Yuri from Tymaria for a period of 6 months. Many still feel that the Tymarian court had no jurisdiction but Justice Peel stated that the Tribunal did indeed have jurisdiction since the PRP is a registered Tymarian political party and therefore there was a crime committed against Tymaria by Mr. Andropov. This case marked the first time a decision of the previous Chief Justice was overturned. However, despite this landmark decision, with Yuri’s departure from micronations, it seems that this punishment will only serve as a symbolic gesture.

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