SEC publishes election schedule

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – The President of the State Electoral Commission (SEC) of Madland, His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, published today the official election schedule for the Prime Ministerial elections in Madland.

The election schedule has included input from the major PM candidates; Tuvallia and Pontmercy; in efforts to attract people to Madland during these elections. The current election schedule is based on that of the United States’ and includes battleground regions for the PM candidates.


– Nubinar: normally a Monarchist region, the state of Nubinar is now divided almost evenly between the Monarchists and the Burning Torches.

– New Puerto Rico: anyone can capture New Puerto Rico at this

moment, many of the Empire’s undecided voters.

The Prime Ministerial elections have been dated for November 11th.

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