Secessionists in their “thoughts and deeds … are traitors “

A recurring theme in what might be termed the micronational discourse concerns the perceived rupture between those members of the community who advocate the creation of new sovereign macronations, for whom the act of secession from an existing state is a requisite step, and those who enjoy micronationalism as a hobby with no higher aspiration than to create political systems in accordance with their own views and interact with other such communities in a game of diplomacy and one-upmanship that is seemingly never ending.

It has been said by some that this division is merely in the sense of goal orientation and that both sides have more in common than what makes them different. Ardashir Khan of the Kingdom of Babkha however feels that the division is more fundamental and moreover the differences irreconcilable.

(Warning: argumentum ad hominem)

Simulationists are involved in micronationalism as a game or a hobby, often because their brains have been either addled by strategy games or else been overly influenced by their studies to revive some arcane form of despotism. Whichever generalisation is more true most simnationalists are, regardless of what they may think of the government of the day, essentially loyal to the lands of their birth. I imagine most simulationalists at least once in their lives thought about declaring their room independent as a neat way of avoiding chores – but then they reached puberty and grew out of such ridiculous notions. Secession orientated micronationalists on the other hand never grew up but merely inflated their ambitions to cover their house, their privately owned land, or ultimately some remote island or poor unfortunate third world country they know to be small and poorly defended.

Secessionists similarly feel belittled by association with a gang of students and maladjusted singletons whose idea of recreation is to invent and rule fictional countries.

The whole continuum of micronationalism is a desperate farce, but at least those at the simulationist end of the spectrum are not so desperate as to take the farce seriously.

It is unfortunate that two entirely different and mutually antagonistic activities should lumped together purely by the fact that they define their particular groupings with the same name – micronation. But then again, there is a sports analogy to this. The game of football is known and loved around the world and has many more tens of millions of devoted losers (otherwise known as fans) than micronationalism ever will (Zurvan be praised), however the game of football as played in America is so radically different to that played by the rest of the world that it might rightly be assumed to be different games – and yet they share the same name.

Now from the above you might surmise that I have something against secessionists, and you would be right for thinking so. In their thoughts and deeds they are traitors if they desire to secede in their homelands, and aggressors and renegades if they seek to take foreign soil. In either eventuality if they ever show any indication of ever acting on their designs they should be denounced and punished without mercy – they are ultimately disloyal scum.

We should not be encouraging secessionists to continue their activities, we should be reporting them to the authorities – particularly the chap who wants to invade Australia (he may not ever get round to it but I think it would be beneficial to the peace of humanity if “Terminator” were to find it curiously difficult to get a visa whenever he wished to travel abroad).

We should also note that along the path of the third way, that of the functioning normally constituted online community that regards itself as a nation and runs itself as such, whilst neither claiming to secede or to simulate, once we get past the likes of perfectly sensible communities such as Hanover we get, in a short time, into the murky waters of the 5WC in which direction madness lies – Jus cerebri electronici anyone(?) – and whose members are prone to a weakness for declaring themselves to be indigo geniuses and are noted chiefly for successfully seceding from reality.

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