Shireroth, Hyperborea Accepted to League Of Nations

SHIREKEEP, SHIREROTH; THULE, HYPERBOREA – Both of these nations have been added to the ranks of the League of Micronations, currently 30 members strong.

The League, which contains such micronational powers as Reunion, Alteria, the Rasinate, TorHavn, and Alteria, is probably the second largest intermicronational organization in the world today (with the first probably being the League of Secessionist States, which seems to be in decline). It operates, like most other such organizations, by an EGroups list, in which topics are discussed such as admission of new members, creation of new bodies, and special secret stuff. If you are interested in subscribing to this group, you should contact Kevin Tennent, its Secretary-General.

Hyperborea is the third Apollo nation to enter the body (Shireroth would be the fourth if you count it as an Apollo nation, but we REALLY don’t want to get into that.). Jasonia and the Union of Apollo States both joined before, but neither has been particularly active. Though it is too early for Shireroth’s participation in the League to be assessed (they were only approved today) Orion Ilios of Hyperborea has spoken in a number of important discussions, specifically those revolving around the potential trial of Thomas Hubert.

While the Fireball is unable to receive data relating to Hyperborea’s addition, the acceptance of Shireroth passed by an overwhelming 93.33%, or 14 out of 15. Kaiser Metzler attributes this success to not being part of the Apollo Sector, but everyone else thinks he has no clue what he’s talking about.

Scott Alexander / Fireball Media © 2001

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