Sinclair Memoirs: Attera and Politika

Being a high ranking member of the Atteran community, I have often been asked, especially during my prime ministry in early 2003, why Attera even signed a mutual defence agreement and why we supported the Republic of Politika when they were making terrorist attacks, either directly or indirectly (as some claim, President Robert Silby of Politika was the person behind Anarchy 21).

To understand why we signed the treaty with Politika in the first place, let us travel back to October 2002. When Robert told me that he was going to start up the Republic as a part of his popular political community Politics of the People (PotP), I decided that I would assist him in the development of the micronation since I had known him from PotP, as well as a couple of other political-themed discussion communities. As a citizen of Attera at the time, I was, albeit in an unofficial capacity, working for the ministry of foreign affairs (okay, to be truthful, I was actually in charge of Attera’s Shagadaan during this time simply because I had so many micronational contacts and I drafted the foreign ministry to do work for me more than they drafted me!). Thus I decided to promote a closer relationship between Attera and Politika in order to help Politika develop, and perhaps attract a few Politikans to join the Atteran Federation (only one Politikan, Silby, joined Attera in the end so that hope was crushed in the end).

I soon found myself appointed as Politika’s minister of defence, which Woyzero Dejazmatch Sirithil nos Feanor joking stated as Silby’s first “fatal mistake”. Why did I accept this position in Politika? Not only was I directed by then Prime Minister Makonnen IV to assist Politika in any way possible, and being the true “must know all” buff I am I wanted access to Politika’s Special Operations Executive (SOE). Proved to be a boring job, so I eventually resigned from the Politikan public life and got down to work on other issues.

In my ranting and raving, I have forgotten completely about the original question – why did we sign a mutual defence agreement with Politika? First it must be briefly stated that not everyone in Attera supported the treaty proposal – namely Ras Oscar Anderson and nos Feanor, the latter only feeling reassured that an Atteran was Politika’s minister of defence (Sirithil hoped that me as their defence minister would “discourage any adventurism on Silby’s part.”) Sirithil also stated that if we were going to have a mutual defence agreement with Politika, there had to be a good reason for it – and there was. In an 18 Oct 2002 address to the Atteran community, Prime Minister Makonnen explained the situation:

“…There was a deal made while the Baracaoan crisis was full blown. Bobby was to form a new micronation, with Atteran backing. This has been accomplished. The next thing was that this micronation was to fall directly into the Atteran orbit, well, sort of, at least be on our side as the agreement stated. [It] was to pull as many of Baracão’s citizens away as possible. Which, I think 4 jumped over to Politika as of last count. Then, when Baracao attacked Politika, since we’re supporting them, we were supposed to finish off Baracao. Well, since Dafydd has gone all nice, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Plus, I had Ras Anderson post in Baracao that Attera will not invade as long as they continue their good faith manoeuvres such as supporting peace between our two nations, and placing distance from Babkha, which has happened.”

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