Sister Cities Project Announced

The Union of North American Micronations (UNAM) has announced that it will be undertaking the development of a micronational sister cities project. Sister cities (also known as ‘twin cities’) typically involved two cities that are geographically and politically distinct from each other (i.e. from different countries) that pair with each other to promote human contact and cultural links.

The project was proposed originally by ‘New Canada’, a constituent micronation in the Union, and was given new breath in this week’s UNAM Foreign Ministers Summit when Ashbourton Governor General Sir Christopher W. Garcia raised the issue. According to the Governor General, his micronation “really embraced” this  proposal and believes that the sister cities initiative can be a success. The aim of the project is to gain participants from the Union itself and then to expand to the intermicronational scene as a way to improve the Union’s foreign relations and foster innovations. The project has received a favourable response from several micronations.

The Union of North American Micronations is a collection of secessionist micronations that pool select aspects of their sovereignty into a collective effort. It was founded in July 2006 and has since grown from its three founding micronations to include eight at current. The Principality of Ashbourton and Commonwealths gained full membership to the organization in May of this year.

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