Skyline seized, Politikan President claims Responsibility

One of the leading micronational newspapers, the Apollo Skyline, has been attacked, or more rightfully put, stolen, by the Republic of Politika today. The Skyline, which has been attempting to make a comeback to regular publishing over the past month, was hacked by Politika’s President Bob Silby who endeavoured to place the Skyline’s main publication site under the control of the Politikan government.

According to Skyline owner and chief editor Scott Alexander, Silby hacked the website of the Skyline because “he thought it would be fun” and that in the process, enough passwords were altered to prevent the Skyline staff from being able to easily regain control of the website.

Silby was able to gain control of the website via former co-editor Tom Blake, a Politikan, who had the password to the site. Blake has been very angry at several parties for accusations stemming from Archetype the 23rd, a citizen of Menelmacar, regarding accusations made in a recent issue of the Skyline about the activity level in Menelmacar.

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