Some Ezboard Forums Inaccessible due to Error

Micronations that utilize Ezboard’s CSC Gold Community discussion boards are currently inaccessible due to a scripting error; however, there appears to be no damage to the Ezboard database.

Concerns were raised, when the situation first arose last hour, that the outage might be a repeat of the infamous hacking incident which caused mass-deletion of Ezboard’s database in June 2005. The error is being caused by the community profile option being enabled, which can be deactivated by a board’s administrator under the “features” section of the control center. A member of the Ezboard administration has assured CSC Gold subscribers that “the error only affects the main page of the board, since that’s the only place the community profile shows. It doesn’t affect inside the forums or topics.” This marks the first noticeable failure of Ezboard’s system since the hacker attack.

In Gotzborg, which saw its entire national forum content wiped out by the June 2005 attack, the Royal Security Police Service was placed on a cautionary alert when the outage began. This alert status was rescinded shortly thereafter as Ezboard made available details on the source of the problem. At, and Gotzborg, the community profile has since been deactivated and operations are continuing smoothly as usual.

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