South Mondesia Close to Joining Tymaria

During the past few weeks, there has been talk in South Mondesia of joining Tymaria as a new state. This week, The South Mondesia House of Commons passed a bill that will scrap the Union of South Mondesia and make it a part of Tymaria. The next stage for this bill is the House of Provinces in SM, which is expected to pass the bill within the next couple of weeks. After it is passed, the final decision regarding South Mondesia’s future will lie in the hands of President Peter Little. He has stated that he will not veto the bill if it does pass the senate. However, Mr. Little is a citizen of the Free Republic and if South Mondesia was to join Tymaria, he would have to decide between the two – a choice he would rather not make. This is probably one of the few reasons that will make him veto the bill, despite his guarantee that he would take no such action.

Sir Rob Peel, a citizen of Interland in Tymaria has stated that he believes that creating another state would be useless and that South Mondesia should merge into another existent state so that government positions that come with a new state are not left vacant or inactive. He believes that it is better to stay with the current number of states and absorb new member nations into the existing states so that more currently available government postings are filled.

Currently, South Mondesia is a military ally of Tymaria on Micro-Monde. If it were to join Tymaria, The URT would have a foot hold in Micro-Monde. The TDF already has a military installation in South Mondesia – a Joint Task Force Headquarters between the two military allies which serves as the TDF National Defence HQ backup. South Mondesia has even modeled its government after Tymaria so it will eventually become part of it. The only question: How long will it take for South Mondesia to join Tymaria?

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