South Mondesia has a New Prime Minister

The MFP apologizes for the two week delay in this announcement, it slipped past the editor to include it in last week’s edition, but the Union of South Mondesia has elected a new Prime Minister.

Outgoing PM Peter Little did not run for re-election to that position, leaving the door open for 3 PM-hopefuls, Liam Sinclair, Glen Bohach, and Chris Donle. Glen Bohach won the election in a stunning victory, receiving 62.5% of the vote. This major win is because Mr. Bohach is a personal friend of most SM citizens who voted. It is unclear if PM Bohach will follow Mr. Little’s plan for the reunification of North and South Mondesia, or create a new plan himself.

Also with South Mondesia, the nation has opened its own stock exchange, entitled the Bernington Stock Exchange. Three companies have registered to date, but it seems uncertain if and how the South Mondesian economy will actually operate.

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