South Mondesia Opens Borders to Tymarian Military

In response to the Amerada-Tymaria incident, SM Minister of National Defence, Liam Sinclair, and SM President Peter Little approved a TDF request to create a military base in South Mondesia on Micro-Monde to be able to monitor Amerada’s compliance with the Amerada-Tymaria Non-Aggression Treaty. The base will be constructed in Camerica Province of SM, just south of the Amerada coast. This invitation was well received by TDF Marshal Makonnen, who is also Tymaria’s Minister of Defence. A Joint Task Force HQ under the command of both Minister Sinclair and Minister Makonnen was created at the SM forums.

This new found alliance militarily is mainly because of SM’s strategic position and also because both Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Little are both members of the TDF. Both parties in the newly formed Joint Task Force HQ have created a Mutual Defence Treaty which has been ratified by South Mondesia and has just been submitted to the proper authorities of Tymaria.

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