Soviet Faction attempting to disrupt Amerada

A Soviet faction lead by Yuri Andropov and his top lieutenant, Julian Starr, is attempting to start a revolution of sorts in Amerada, in order to overthrow President Washburn. This is a long standing feud as not many foreign nations or people outside of Amerada approve of the policies of Mr. Washburn.

Julian Starr has claimed the independent part of Amerada (the part not taken by the FT a few weeks ago) to be “The People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Amerada”.

The Amerada military has been placed on alert regarding this matter and Commander of Security Liam Sinclair, in order to censor the pro-Soviet faction that are not even Amerada citizens, has imposed a blackout on communications with them. The first move in this blackout was the deletion of a communiqué between Baracao and the PDRSA, on the Amerada General Forum. All communiqués from any nation to the PDRSA (which doesn’t legitimately exist) will be deleted from here on in.

Militia groups from around Amerada have been activated as well in this latest attempted attack on Amerada. You can see the Starr Declaration at:

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