Speaker resigns Parliament, leaves body leaderless

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Speaker of Parliament Pete James (AAP) recently resigned from the Imperial Parliament as the body readied itself for a prompt dissolution and an election season in full swing. The resignation came accompanied with a sudden leave of absence by James, leaving the Alexandrian Amelioration Party leaderless and in disarray in the midst of elections. In his hasty exit, James appointed Liam Sinclair as Clerk of the Imperial Parliament, making him Speaker upon the depature of James. Mssr. Sinclair denied being consulted to take up the position and quoted outside commitments as his inability to perform the duties thrust suddenly upon him.

Conservative MP from Rio Grande, Jose Frias, was visibly outraged at the Speaker’s moves. “This is of course, the kind of half-baked schemes that the AAP and now departed Speaker Pete James have been so known for. Mssr. James just upped and left all of a sudden, leaving the Parliament abandoned and without leadership,” stated Frias. Conservative MP from San Martin, Matthieu Poitiers, rose to volunteer for the vacant position to steer Parliament until its scheduled dissolution on the 15th of this month.

So far, it seems like Parliament will be leaderless for the remaining of the session unless the Emperor conducts a vote to replace the Speaker.

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