Speech by His Royal Majesty Opens Chamber

Following a successful election in January that elected five members for the Chamber of Deputies, Gotzborg’s King August Charles II has formally opened the legislative body with a brief speech aimed at conveying “some main points” to the deputies.

The Deputies were reminded of the primary reason why the election was held: to implement constitutional changes to be drawn up by the Royal Government to allow the Chamber of Deputies to be open to all citizens of Gotzborg. Such was the practice over the last two years until an attempted constitutional amendment exposed the limitations of that system under a current constitution that requires an elected Chamber to effect such amendments. His Royal Majesty bluntly noted to the deputies that elected democracy “is uneffective [sic] and prone to frequent and debilitating break downs.”

Also mentioned by His Royal Majesty was that the Chamber should diversify its focus on laws noting that the nation is too-highly focused on its economic system, devoting “almost …100% of our time” over the past year to its development. As a result, other areas have lagged in development, such as culture, education, and the legal system.

The process of selecting a new president is currently underway in the Chamber, with John Cervantes being nominated by his fellow deputies to hold the position.

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