Speech from the Throne Opens Hanoverian Parliament

Hanover’s King Alexandar opened parliament on August 22 with a speech from the throne to outline his government’s parliamentary agenda for the new sitting. In the speech, the King praised recent accomplishments by the government, while emphasising the need to ensure transparency of government and protection of the rights of citizens.

Reflecting on a past where Hanover was ruled “behind closed doors and cut … off from mainstream micronationalism,” the King declared that all future meetings of his Cabinet will occur in a public arena “whenever possible” and that his government will “work tirelessly” to increase the transparency of the state. Reforms to the naturalization process will also be made to encourage the development of a political party system for Parliament, which will be given greater powers to affect decision making in government.

A major initiative of the government during the new sitting of parliament will be to write a new constitution in order to codify and protect the workings of the state and the rights of Hanover’s citizens. The effort to give Hanover a new constitution is widely supported as the current constitution makes the governing of the micronation difficult at times. In addition, to be drafted is a proper criminal code, which would be the first such law in Hanover’s five-year history. According to the King, it is “appalling [that] … treason is not a crime [and that] censorship is perfectly permissible under Hanoverian law.”

It is also the King’s hope that Hanover will continue to grow beyond its online forums into more offline events. His government will encourage the use of “more substantive methods of communication” such as letters, telephone conversations, and real-time chat rooms, all of which will see a greater role in use for official functions.

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