Indianensis Victory in Antica Projected

With just hours left in the ninth election for the Speaker of the Antican Assembly, the Standard is projecting that candidate Braden Indianensis will defeat his only opponent, Aryeztur. Maintaining a consistent lead for most of the election, Indianensis currently leads with nine of fourteen votes. Aryeztur’s support appeared to hit a ceiling with his five votes, seeing no new votes in several days.

Indianensis’ domestic platform involved a pledge to delegate the micronation’s cultural administration to the Robert Davis Memorial Academy. Under his plan, the Academy would then be further broken down into specialized departments that focus on history, language, music, and other areas of interest to Anticans. He has also suggested a review of the micronation’s executive in order to identify efficiencies that can be gained by dissolving unneeded government offices.

In the Assembly, Indianensis will have his work cutout as the legislative body, which comprises all of Antica’s citizens, is currently experiencing a significant lull. When asked what his plans were to encourage debate in the body, Indianensis noted that Anticans need to be reminded that they are all members in the direct democracy that is Antica, and that if Anticans are given a “renewed [sense] of the importance of the Assembly … they will be encouraged to work more within it.”

On foreign policy matters, Indianensis supports a greater focus on the Micronational Cartography Society world map for Antica, while retaining membership in the Geographical Standards Organization in order to remain competitive with Antica’s rivals in the greater community. Also expected is a review of Antica’s role in the Non-Aligned Movement, which Indianensis described as weak and useless.

Indianensis will hold the position of Speaker for a period of three months, should he ride to victory as predicted.

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