Starr proposes solution to Hurmu-Lyrica question

Puritanian Lord Protector and claimant to the MCS lands of the Lyrican Republic, Julian Starr, has proposed a treaty to the Republic of Hurmu, which has claimed Lyrica City to be its capital. The treaty, is accepted to be valid by the MCS, will declare the Lyrican Republic to be a living, breathing nation, despite the fact that it seems the exact opposite. The treaty will give the Lyrican’s the land immediately surrounding, and including Lyrica City while permitting Hurmu to retain the other former Lyrican lands.

The Governments of Puritania, Nova Roma, and Attera have all voiced their support for the treaty as a resolution to the issue, with those three nations having direct connections to Lyrica by way of having former Lyrican citizens, or “current” citizens, in their ranks. Hurmu and its supporters have yet to respond to the treaty proposal. It is expected that the MCS may be cold to the proposal as its chairman, Kaiser Raynor X, has stated previously that he does not take the claim by the Lyricans to the land seriously as the Lyrican Republic is long dead.

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