State of emergency brings torrents of reformist decrees

Geneva, Alexandria; Genevan Arrow – Following the issuing of the writ of election for First Consul, the Emperor proceeded to dissolve the 13th Imperial Parliament and call for new elections, quoting the national activity crisis as a reason to dissolve the body. With the nation in a state of emergency, His Imperial Majesty now rules by decree, enabling him to enact the beginning of a national reform program that has profoundly changed the organization of the Government.

In coordination and consultation with First Consul Jose Frias and Speaker of Parliament Juan Ciervo, the National Government Reform Program decree that was promulgated today, in what is expected to be part of a large series of decrees that will reform the nation’s government, suppressed all Ministries as well as the state-run Catholic Church and the University of Geneva. The suppressed Ministries were replaced by two super Ministries: the Ministry of State, which is in charge of the duties of both the former Interior and Foreign Ministries, and the Ministry of War. An Office of Simulation and Government Accountability was created as well as an independent agency of the Government. The Council of State was also dissolved, as well as the defunct National Meritocratic System.

It has been confided from secret sources to the Genevan Arrow that a large program of reforms is still in the works; including a possible reorganization of the provinces and territories and a large forum reorganization effort. A possible rewrite of the nation’s law code and the Rules of Order of Parliament was also mentioned.

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