Statement regarding revocation of licenses

The following press release has been issued on behalf of Rev. Robert Altman and Rev. Claudia Hartmann:

As many of you know, the Archbishop of Koronia summarily revoked the Licenses to Preach and Administer the Sacraments of the Imperial Church of Rev. Robert Altman and Rev. Claudia Hartmann due to their views on homosexuality. Since then, these two stalwart individuals have attempted to work with the Diocese of Koronia to get their jobs back. Sadly, their efforts have been to no avail and so they have been forced to file a civil complaint under against the Archbishop in the Civil Division of the Provincial Court of Augustiana. We believe that his actions are in violation of the Employment (Protection of) Act 2000 which protects employees against arbitrary dismissal due to their political or religious convictions. Therefore, we are seeking a court order requiring the Archbishop to re-engage Rev. Altman and Rev. Hartmann. They have asked me to ask all of you for your prayers and support in the long struggle ahead.

Leslie Winters

Attorney for Rev. Altman and Rev. Hartmann

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