Steffke and Dusch Throw in Towel

Jason Steffke, who was expected to be the new PE of Tymaria, has withdrawn from the race for PE and changed his vote to endorse PE Rhode. He has stated that as a defeatist (which he has become in the past months) he can no longer think of how to improve Tymaria. He has resigned his positions in Tymaria and left the nation. Electoral Commissioner Peter Little has announced that people who voted for Steffke can change their votes by March 03 and still have those votes counted. This now means that Jason Rhode will win the PE race, unless the people who voted for Steffke vote for another candidate. Bill Dusch, the speaker of the House of Peoples also left with Jason as he has always seemed to do whatever Jason does. The only loss to Tymaria is two active/semi-active citizens.

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