Suspect Named in Saint Lina Attack

First thought to be an act of Defence Minister Mark Hickman’s other personality – Shadow, there is now reason to believe that Vice-President, Jonathan Weatherhead, is in fact the culprit. Mark Hickman is expected to present evidence to instigate Weatherhead in this crime later this week. Governor Sinclair said shortly after the attack 2 days ago, “it is our duty as Tebeçois and Ameradians, to help our fellow people in their time of need” (taken from the LATJ Archives).

He would like President Washburn to note that this comment means he condemned the attack and what he said to Mark was clearly stated as a joke because it made Washburn look bad! The Governor does not support terrorism as the Washiawa Post-Citizen reports. Yesterday, The Governor said, “Geez [sic] by, can’t anyone take a frigging joke these days?” Governor Sinclair would like to apologize to all those who found his joke offensive.

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