Suspected Baracão Forces Hack South Mondesia Ezboard

Yesterday, the EzOp account (Peter Little’s main ezboard account) for South Mondesia was hacked and serious damage done to the ezboard.

The culprit accessed classified material in the South Mondesian Military forums, as well as disfigured the entire ezboard, and in one last act, attempting to make it look as though South Mondesia was now a part of Amerada.

Peter Little has launched a premise that Uncle Damn, a citizen of Baracao, was sent to hack his account and retrieve information on Mr. Little’s failed infiltration attempt in Baracao. He (Little) also stated that Uncle Damn is the chief suspect in this crime because his IPs match those of the infiltrator, Mr. Damn also has a hatred of Mr. Little and Amerada (hence why the infiltrator tried to frame Amerada for the crime).

Reaction from around the micronational scene was quick to the crime, with Shireroth Kaiser Lors I, who is the head of state for South Mondesia, demanding a trial for Mr. Damn in a neutral state (such as Babkha) for the crime of hacking. Even though hacking is a macronational crime, it is highly unlikely that this incident will see any macronational legal attention as South Mondesia has recovered from the attack for the most part, and there is a lack of will on either side to make it a macronational incident.

Baracao denies that the infiltration and subsequent hacking by Damn was a state-authorized event. The information recovered from SMDF secure forums proved that Mr. Little’s infiltration of Baracao, or attempt to (it utterly failed before it even began) was a state-sponsored motive, authorized by the Ministry of Defence. It also has uncovered detailed documents on a group of Amerada governor’s plans to start a revolution some months ago. This revolution never happened because Yuri Andropov became commander of security of Amerada at the time and also because the governor of Tebec abandoned the plan since it would force the Tebec Ezboard to be replaced (The Tebec Ezboard is the ezboard with the “bamerada” code). The Amerada Government has known of the revolt plans for quite some time now.

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