One-on-One: Stellus Yastreb

The Coprieta Standard sits down for an insightful interview with Stellus Yastreb, a veteran micronationalist and central player in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth.

The Amerada Series – Part 2: The Experiences of War and Terrorism

The Amerada Series is a collection of articles concerning the history of the Republic of Amerada, which was an active Anglophone Simulationist Community micronation in the early twenty-first century. Most of these articles were originally published in Liam Sinclair’s Amerada: the Story of a Nation book in 2002/2003. The articles as published by RIMA were […]

Renegotiation of the Attera – Politika Relationship

In October 2002 the Republic of Politika and Attera, then known as the Imperial Federation of Atteran States, formalized a mutual defence relationship as part of a larger plan to undermine the Republic of Baracão (with Politika being created by Robert Silby explicitly for the purpose of opposing Baracão due to the failure of a […]

The end of South Mondesia

South Mondesia’s most prominent citizen, Peter Little, is perhaps most infamous for his poor spelling skills exhibited during his short micronational participation. Joining the community in 2001 through the Republic of Camerica, a predecessor of South Mondesia that Mr. Little founded, he would take an interest in recreational warfare and intelligence gathering. That interest would blossom into a failed attempt at infiltrating a foreign government, an attempt that would quickly trigger the final deadly-blow to South Mondesia.

Micronational Militaries & Conflict – Part II: Why do micronational gov’ts resort to military conflict?

Part II in Liam Sinclair’s series on micronational conflict. Macronationally, governments use military force to implement foreign policy and to defend the nation against threats – both physical and ideological. Micronationally, there are three key reasons why governments use military force. These reasons are to defend the nation against an external threat, to produce activity […]

Lose Some, Win More…

Micronations.Net has received four new personal warrants from heads of state for the provision of its news services. The new warrants, which may be seen on the homepage of its website, were received following the withdrawal of the warrant from the Atteran Emperor, a politically-manipulated protest following the failure of Atteran Chronicle World to qualify […]