Summer Slump News Roundup!

It’s that infamous time of year again, so we’ve awoken from our siesta to bring you all the latest news from around a large part of the micronational world:
  • A1 has announced an election.
  • Aerica is talking about food.
  • Alexandria’s implementation of its new constitution has stalled.
  • Antica has denied Aryez its independence, is indecisive over who should become its new Foreign Minister, and is thinking of reviving KZFO Radio Nafticon.
  • Apiya is opening diplomatic relations with Pasárgada.
  • Ashkenatza has restored its Nohsi, Herr Astopov.
  • Atlantium is having some communication problems.
  • Azuristan has replaced its Crown Prince and heir apparent.
  • The Babkhans are still drunk.
  • Beaugium is still talking about Cake and Fridays.
  • Bobalania has been invited to join the UNUMC.
  • Bosworth has published some Batavian orders of battle.
  • In Cräiteland, Craitman has gone on the Grand Tour.
  • Cyberia fails to prevail.
  • The Domain and Realms want to create an online zoo.
  • Dura is not that durable.
  • The Formori flag is still appearing all around the world.
  • Gralus is having a land swap, reforming its Intelligence Community, still hosting the World Expo and doing various other things.
  • Hamland has some new insignia and a new General.
  • Hanover has published its Hanover Day 2009 Honours.
  • Holzer is finally preparing a new map showing its independence.
  • Imperium Incognita has entered into a diplomatic and familial alliance with Natopia.
  • Istvanistan still has not fallen.
  • Jamzinia is ticking over thanks to a talking strawberry.
  • Kanto has been denied a map.
  • Ladonia’s driftwood “city” is featured by IO9.
  • Lavalon is drafting a new foreign policy and compiling a list of coverage of micronations in the mainstream media.
  • In Laurant a new palace is being constructed from the ruins of an ancient Atteran castle.
  • Livlandia is preparing for a recwar and deciding on deserving recipients of its Order.
  • Lovely has just elected a new Prime Minister (Cog).
  • Molossia has joined microfinancing charity Kiva.
  • Natopia has had its Emperor’s Jubilee.
  • Nelaga is talking Storywar Charters and Micron Revolutions.
  • New Britannia has applied for preservation by the Apollo Foundation.
  • Norduryyk is holding a constitutional debate.
  • In Nova England, Jeremy has had to quit micronations.
  • In Ocia, Matt Kovac has made a “speach” to mark Federation Day.
  • Réunion has signed a treaty with Lavalon.
  • Shireroth has a new Minister of Information (Erik Mortis) and a Fiesta de la B0O0/\/\.
  • The South Pacific region of Nationstates has suffered a precipitous decline in population over the past year.
  • Stormark has received a state visit from Batavia.
  • Talossa’s poetry competition has concluded, while senate reform and freedom of information and privacy are being debated.
  • Thrace has a new ambassador.
  • Uantir’s King Ari has changed his name to King Ailin.
  • The Umbagollans are still irregularly reviewing things and discussing utterly fascinating links.
  • Universalis is signing treaties.
And finally…
That’s all, folks!

News Shorts for December 11, 2007

Devonia: Parliamentary elections in the Kingdom of Devonia have concluded, with three candidates having been elected to the national legislature. Among the elected candidates is Austi Scot, who resigned as Prime Minister earlier this month after King Rafael, acting on the advice of Michael Dervin, decided to perform duties originally tasked to the Prime Minister’s office. According to Scot, Dervin is acting as a “defacto King” of Devonia and he does not wish to be a Minister of the Crown if King Rafael is unwilling to “back [his] ministers.”

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Bosworth King Announces Future Plans

The tiny micronation of Bosworth, which has a theme currently based on 15th century England, may soon be receiving a makeover if its citizenry find three new proposals put forth by the King agreeable. The proposals are the first of several initiatives on the part of King Edward in recent days to spur development in his micronation.

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