Carl Jackson

Our own enemy to retention

The Bastion Union discussion on retention itself provides a prime example of a key reason why newcomers may be turned-off from sticking around – specifically, petty grudges.

Safiria releases new licence plates

A year-end initiative by the Safir government has resulted in the creation of several eye-catching licence plates that have received acclaim throughout the micronational community. [Gallery included]

One-on-One: Carl Jackson

The Coprieta Standard sits down with Carl Jackson, founder of the Safirian Empire and a veteran member of the Micras community.

FNORD recipients announced

HUB.MN (CS) | FNORD Award committee chairman Ric Lyon has announced the recipients of this year’s annual instalment of the prized Micras community awards.

Annual FNORD Awards elicit numerous nominations

HUB.MN (CS) | An abundance of nominations have been made as the premier annual awards ceremony for the Micras Community prepares to enter its twelfth year, with the presentation of the much-envied honours scheduled once again for Emperor Norton Day on January 8.