Territorial shifts on the continent of Novasolum

Freddy Warren was the president of the Republic of Anthelia. He has played a pioneering part in the development of the “Novasolan movement.” He is a member of the Royal Institute of Micronational Antiquities and he authored this article in January 2006.

Are territorial shifts on the continent of Novasolum a threat to or a positive turn-out for the so called “Novasolan movement”?

The foreign relations amongst Alexandria, Anthelia, Gotzborg and Natopia definitely deserve more publicity. Between 13 and 24 December, those micronations signed a second noteworthy international agreement, named the Novapol Convention.1 That convention is not yet another treaty of mutual recognition and friendship. On the contrary, the agreement is particularly ambitious as it sets up a continental criminal intelligence organisation (Novapol). It will be the organisation’s prime task to create and maintain a database with information on criminal investigations and criminal offences conducted and/or committed in one of the Novasolan micronations.2 The Novapol Convention is actually an execution of the first international agreement that the aforementioned micronations signed and ratified, namely the Novasolum Treaty.3 That agreement did indeed provide that the signatory nations would strive for closer cooperation in policing and judicial matters.4

In the wider micronational community the “Novasolan movement”, as some already call it, receives little attention. For instance, in one of the latest works on intermicronational politics and history – we are referring to Microscope, written by Scott Alexander – no mention is made of the prodigious developments amongst the Novasolan micronations. The reason is clear: political analysts and historians tend to focus on diplomatic disputes and other kinds of turmoil,5 while the Novasolan movement is inhales and exhales a desire for peace, cooperation and friendship. In that sense it contrasts with the relations which the micronations situated on the neighbouring continent of Cibolenland had during and shortly after the collapse of the micronation of San Martin.6

This article is not only intended to applaud the achievements of the Novasolan micronations. A closer look should also be taken at some recent territorial developments on the continent of Novasolum and what the impact those events might have on the future of Novasolan cooperation.

The Treaty of Loredo: Rio Grande annexed

On 2 November, a treaty was signed between the Empire of Alexandria and the Confederate States of Rio Grande, which stipulated the annexation of the latter by the Empire.7 Rio Grande was party to the Novasolum Treaty and was of all Novasolan micronations probably the one struggling the most with the inactivity of its citizens. President Benavides made several statements soliciting the citizens of the Rio Grande to give shape to their nation, but without real success.8 It can therefore not be considered a surprise that the existence of Rio Grande, as a sovereign micronation, ended.

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Opinion: The Hypocracies of Hanover

In which His Majesty Osman Shahanshah of the Kingdom of Babkha casts his eye over the public workings of Hanover and finds no redeeming features whatsoever. While Hanover denounces simulationist micronations, its very own Prime Minister proposed to the ‘Imperial Parliament’ the establishment of a simulated economy and health care system, an example of joined-up government which drew a scathing response from the honourable Sir Carson Smith, who was quite surprised to find himself sitting in an Imperial Parliament when he had most certainly entered a House of Lords and Commons Together Assembled. This incongruity being thus highlighted drew the sheepish admission from Prime Minister Carrillo that he had in fact copied most of the speech from one made to the ‘Imperial Parliament’ of the Empire of the Alexandrians, a simulationist micronation over which the Prime Minister of Hanover presides as Emperor. None of this impressed Sir Carson, who remarked that “Copying speeches, regardless of who wrote them originally, is only going to make you look stupid. The Right Honorable gentleman still is not off the hook for the Imperial Parliament goof-up.” Hanoverians, it seems, are maybe starting to wonder about the comparative merits of allowing confessed simulationists attain the hallowed office of Prime Minister. More worryingly for Hanover it is perhaps the dearth of native talent that is forcing King Alexander to rely on imported potentates to provide his public officials, such as the current Prime Minister of Hanover, Mr Carrillo, his predecessor Mr Thompson, and the Speaker of the Assembled House, a certain Mr Dreesbach who happens to be the King of Interland, the sometimes disputed GC member-state and or Atteran province. The Hanoverian delusion of sovereignty and nationhood does not so much place them on a par with Ascalon as with the myriad egostans of the 5th World Council led by the transcendental, or perhaps just plain mental, Cesidio Tallini. – His Majesty Osman Shahanshah

Norton Awards Revived!

Following his special appearance at last year’s FNORD Awards as Guest of Honour, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia has decided to revive the original Norton Awards this year, at the suggestion of Carson Smith, the King of Ronen, among many other things.

As before, the Norton Awards are held to celebrate Emperor Norton Day on January 8th, to commemorate the anniversary of his death in 1880. A short biography of his life and achievements may be found here.

The winners of the 2005 Norton Awards are:

Cultural achievement: President Kevin Baugh – for developing the Republic of Molossia’s culture.
Intermicronational achievement: Marjorie Boodlesmythe of the NFA – for getting Micro-Net back on the Internet.
Political achievement: Northern Forest Archipelago – for being mentioned in 2 articles in the macronational press, one article focusing mainly on the NFA.
New micronation of the year: Utopia – for its promotion of individual sovereignty, and Interlingua as a common tongue.
Personal achievement: Kieran Bennett, Julian Starr, and Richard Shears – for the founding of Kallidéa.

FNORD! Malarbor Green with Envy as 2006 Winners are Announced!

THE NORTON LOUNGE, MNN – This morning His Majesty the King of Gotzborg presented the 2006 FNORD Awards, in association the Royal Institute of Micronational Antiquities (RIMA), but the Shireroth’s Evil Tree God (TM) Malarbor (TM) was so jealous at the winner of the journalism award that he created his own.

Addressing the assembled audience, His Majesty thanked the awards committee and applauded the new awards, commending this year’s changes and improvements, and declaring that they “represent the best examples of the people, efforts, projects and micronations which make up… the most dynamic community in our online world”.

He added that, irrespective of the numerous reasons for people coming together to participate in micronations, in the end everyone walks away from their experiences “better for the interaction, better for the opportunities and better for the time spent”.

The official award winners are:

Best New Micronationalist – Carson Smith
Best Revolutionary Concept – The Kingdom of Lovely
The Bill Dusch Award for Micronational Cultural Development – Ric Lyon
The Odlum Award for Individual Achievement – Orion Ilios
The Norton Award for Excellence in the Field of Journalism – Novaya Zemlya
The Peter Little Award for Excellence in Micronational Literature – Greg Russell
The RIMA Award for Excellence in Micronational History – The Staff of Microwiki

Meanwhile, Malarbor’s (TM) Malarbor Award for Journalistic Nift (TM) went to Nick “Foghorn” Leghorn.

And there shall be an economy!

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Home Office, Lonenberg, Gotzborg (GP) – The Royal Kingdom continues to forge ahead with its work in the economic side of the nation. Although progress in this important aspect of the nation took a while to gain some semblance of movement, the inertia seems to be noticeably picking up.

Late 2004 and early 2005 the King formed three major companies under the purview of the Royal Family, dealing specifically with shipbuilding, heavy industry and armaments respectively. Each of these companies produce a wide range of products specifically targetted at the simulationist aspect of the economy. With Courland Breweries joining the picture in the last month, the economic side could still be considered at a standstill.

With Mr Carson Smith’s application and formation of a consulting service in late November and under the revised rules for companies, it marked the first new movement in this area. This was quickly followed by information gathering and questions regarding privately owned banking institutions seperate from the Royal Bank, and then a BIll int he Chamber of Deputies to guide banking regulation, which in turn resultedin Sir David Roest applying to open Royal Bison Savings & Loan

This movement and the wide and varied marketing which is being carried out by KRS Shipbuilding in Gotzborg, Babkha, Natopia, Stormark, Alexandria and Talamthom has so far resulted in a total combined 247 ships having been ordered to-date. The most recent new customer to KRS has been the County of Gong Li, a component of Shireroth, who has been the first to place an order from that nation.

Although KRS has been by far the most successful in sales and products so far, KSag Heavy Industry has launched a whole new line and effort in the area of railway locomotives and equipment targetted at those nations working on the Convention of Micras Standards and Values in the Grand Commonwealth and with the Novasolum Treaty nations of Gotzborg, Anthelia and Alexandria.

Time and committment in micronational projects ebbs and flows with the reality of life however it is hoped by many that the amount of nations who see the value and benefit to the micronational economy will grow and in turn allow a self-supported system to function.

Any nations interested in launching their own participation in the micronational economy can rest easy that at this point, a starting point for sure, all that is required is a MX2 account with a suitable starting capital which will not put inter-micronational exchanges to extremes. It is recommended that the starting money be between 4 to 6 million of the national currency.

There shall be an economy, but lets make it an economy of nations and not merely a national economy!

Government Conducts Life Safety Drill

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Chancellery Building, Lonenberg (GP) – On November 14th, the Chancellery Building in Lonenberg, home and office of the Royal Chancellor as well as meeting place of the Royal Cabinet, was involved in the first life safety drill of government buildings in the capital.

At 4:00pm on the 14th, as most of the government was wrapping up the day, the fire alarm sounded throughout the building. Response was initially slow with the Minister of State, Foreign Office, Her Royal Highness Princess Julia being the first to evacuate from the building, followed shortly by the Royal Chancellor, Lord Montrose and then General of Police Lord Montin, who took control of the scene and re-entered the building to ensure personnel continued to evacuate.

All personnell were successfully evacuated with exception of the Minister of State Home Office, Prince Steven, and Deputy Minister of State Carson Smith, who it was later found was on business outside of the Chancellery.

Although not currently a micronational standard, Dr. Lynn Prentice of the Gotzborg Life Safety Institute recommends the practise being adopted. “The need to conduct ongoing training of all employees in any business, whether it be government or private institution, it paramount to minimizing potential liability from the loss of life or login,” says Dr. Prentice. “Forum emergencies, while not prevalent, should not preclude anyone from making the efforts to protect life within the scope of their business. Forum fires in themselves can be immensely destructive.” While unable to comment on whether or not life safety drills would have helped avoid the catastrophic losses of May 31st of this year, Dr. Prentice did say “life is the most important component of protection here, and while it would have been nice to have kept the information, thankfully no one lost their logins.”

The Royal Security Police Service were reported to have handled themselves with the calm and coolness expected of our law enforcement officials. The RSPS filed an official report the next day to the Office of His Royal Majesty on the incident. It is rumored that recommendations within the report that two members of the government are to be fined for slow response. “It’s merely a notice to ensure everyone, no matter who, is required to respond and react appropriately.

Altogether, sources within the government indicate that there will be legislation forthcoming which will enshrine the legal obligation of all businesses and enterprises with facilities in Gotzborg to conduct life safety drills once a year.

Aerlig Elects New Parliament

ADELWIN, AERLIG – The Aerlig Electoral Commission returned results today for the twelfth session of Parliament of the Republic of Aerlig.

The election saw a record-matching seven candidates run for the five positions available in the Parliament, only the third time that an election has been held for the Parliament. While the campaign this year lacked the ferociousness of the last election campaign, many of the candidates petitioned hard for their positions on the Parliament.

Protector Lachlan Powers announced the results early this morning to a large crowd gathered on the lawns of the Protector’s Office. The five returned members were Peter Krembs (Labor), Lachlan Powers (XP), Dugobert Wurmser (XP), Joe Sendler (ANP) and Carson Smith (Ind.). Iain Vembria and Jayce Adryn, both members of the Expansionist Party, missed out in a very tight vote.

So far, only one member has put his hand up for the role of Prime Minister, that being Mr Krembs. Krembs returned to Aerlig recently after a prolonged absence. With no party having a majority in the Parliament, and Powers indicating support of a Krembs ministry, there is a good chance he may get the top job.

For all the latest news, keep reading the Apollo Inquisitor.