Proposal seeks to organise creative writers

Expressing his love of creative writing, Cattopia’s Chancellor, Liam Raymond, has approached the MicroWiki Community with the idea of developing the Intermicronational Creative Writing Organisation (ICWO).

A means of bringing together those who enjoy creative writing within the micronational community, the organisation would provide a forum for writers to share their works, such as short stories, lore, and alternate history.

Raymond is optimistic that the organisation can also support a renaissance in micronational cultural development. “I think it would help with our micronations’ culture and perhaps it could inspire the next JK Rowling, or Steven King? Or perhaps maybe even the next J.R.R. Tolkien?” he said.

With writing skills being one of the fundamental skillsets of micronationalism, as demonstrated in the various laws, histories and official documents available in any given micronation, the organisation, if founded, has the potential to be evolutionary for those micronationalists who wish to learn more about, and practice, fictional writing.