Recreational Warfare Organizations Face-Off in Row

Since the creation of the Geographical Standards Organization (GSO), a cartography project undertaken by dissatisfied former members of the Micronational Cartography Society (MCS), there has been a tense atmosphere in the community and, now, the stand-offish attitude between the two sides has spilled over into the arena of recreational warfare.

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The Economy: Regulate or Die

by: Mark Marks
(Novasolum Free Press – Sinclair Publications)

You may have heard of the old adage “If you want peace, then prepare for war.”The meaning behind this non-sequitur is that the nation which makes military preparations, builds it forces and equips and trains them well, will be less vulnerable to threats from its enemies and will therefore have “peace”.

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A New ‘Standard’ in Micronational Journalism

After journeying into the market of theme-specific journalistic publications, such as the RIMA Journal and Novasolum Financial Post, award-winning micronational journalist Liam Sinclair has gone back to his roots in general news reporting with the founding of the Coprieta Standard. It is envisioned that the Coprieta Standard will rival, and indeed surpass, Sinclair’s award-winning Atteran Chronicle World news publication (2003 – 2004) in terms of volume and coverage.

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