Spat overshadows MicroWiki community

An effort to advance micronationalism has instead caused a diplomatic spat between two leading MicroWiki nations that has gripped the community as it descends into pettiness.

The growing war of words between Austenasia’s Emperor Jonathan Augustus and Delvera’s Consul Dylan Callahan, and other officials in their governments, originated in an unlikely venue: the Congress of Colo. That intermicronational organization billed itself as an effort to “bring stability … through structured diplomacy, economics, and sovereignty;” ironically, it instead spawned the current turmoil.

The spat, which became public through state media in each micronation on August 30, is largely a result of scheduling conflicts and semantics on the part of each side as opposed to any objectively serious issue.

In the former case, Callahan felt slighted by Augustus when, despite “months of advance notice, reminders, and suggestions [that Austenasia name more than one delegate],” Augustus, his nation’s sole delegate to the Congress, was unable to attend its first meeting. His absence caused the meeting to fail to meet a quorum, irking Callahan. That frustration increased as Callahan’s follow-up inquiries regarding Austenasia’s further participation reportedly went unanswered. In his defence, Augustus cited urgent personal matters for his absence.

When Augustus was later provided with a draft of what would become the Resolution on Micronational Sovereignty, he felt insulted as the document did not correctly cite his customary title as Emperor. He was further incensed by a re-draft to fix the error, when he read that it referred to the Congress participants as “micronations” as opposed to “sovereign states.” When he objected to the perceived semantic slight, Augustus, writing in his state media blog, noted that Callahan replied rudely which led to him promptly withdrawing Austenasia from any further involvement in the Congress.

Initial platitudes calling for further discussions to resolve the spat were customarily extended by both Austenasia and Delvera, but proved meaningless as the conflict boiled over onto the MicroWiki community forums and permeated state media in each micronation. The latest accusations include a Delveran agent attempting to engineer Augustus’ overthrow as monarch, Augustus abusing his power as owner of MicroWiki to censor Delveran state media, and vulgarity on the part of an Austenasian official. Practically-speaking, it has become a “tit-for-tat” situation in which each side strives to find fault with the other’s latest assertion and score credibility points before the wider community audience.

That semantics over the correct use of “micronations” as the term applies and impatience over missed appointments, plus the ensuing clash of personalities, have so severely undermined the relationship between the two micronations suggest that it was not viable in the first place. To that end, Austenasia announced today that it was cutting relations and communication with Delvera. As of press time, Delvera had not made a similar decision.

Delvera seeks to expand online presence; return to MicroWiki

COPRIETA — The Grand Republic of Delvera is planning an expansion of its online presence, including rejoining the MicroWiki Community, over the course of the next six months according to officials.

In a briefing to diplomatic personnel in Gotzborg, Delvera’s former First Consul, Jordan Brizendine, stated that while the micronation’s government remains on a “semi-hiatus” due to macronational obligations, officials are nonetheless in the midst of planning several initiatives.

Chief among these initiatives is the creation of a website for the micronation, which will be used to jumpstart a campaign to rejoin the MicroWiki Community. The renewed online presence may also include a new national radio talk show as a means to “bring Delveran news media into the digital age,” Brizendine said.

In addition to a general cultural revival and expansion, Delvera will also be undertaking the creation and distribution of a new bullion-based currency. The currency, which will be pegged to an as-yet unnamed precious metal, will be used to underpin the micronation’s new economic system.

Founded in 2013, Delvera’s main developmental focus was predominantly political and military in nature, which remains a strong interest of citizens, but one which the government feels is detracting from wider development. “[We are] encouraging our citizens to branch out and search for other areas in which to contribute,” said Brizendine.

Gotzborg sees foreign relations progress

COPRIETA (CS) | Once a prominent participant in diplomacy throughout the Micras community in its earlier years, Gotzborg has struggled to become engaged with other micronations since returning from its hiatus in 2010. That struggle had only been exacerbated by the lack of an active foreign minister.

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