FMF World Cup Week 1 ends

SVORGAS – This year’s FMF World Cup, the first since 2015, is underway in Senya as the Micras community comes together once more in it’s most popular international competition. Today marked the conclusion of the first week of the five-week tournament.

If there was one take away from the past week, it is that this year’s tournament will be marked by an unusually high goal scoring. A total of 64 goals were scored across the 16 matches played, including 8 between Natopia and Elwynn in their July 10th match. The week also included two 6 – 0 shutouts, as Craitland and Mercury dominated Gotzborg and Jingdao, respectively.

The result was particularly disappointing for Gotzborg, which finished at the top of its group with 14 goals-for during the qualifying round. It will attempt to recover when it plays next on July 17th; it faces Birgeshir, which it last played to a one-all draw in 2015. Jingdao, meanwhile, fell further back today in a scoreless draw with Nova England. It will seek its first win as a World Cup competitor on July 18th against the also winless Natopian team.

As the tournament moves into the second week, Lakkvia, Alexandria, Craitland and Mercury lead their respective groups with six points apiece.

Damages sought in Commonwealth Global dissolution

SHIREKEEP — Alexandria’s government has filed a case before the Shirerithian courts in an effort to reclaim the assets of the Commonwealth Global Corporation, which it claims were fraudulently moved to Shireroth.

In its filing before the Imperial Judex, the Alexandrian government claims that the former CEO of Commonwealth Global, Giles Melang, fraudulently transferred several hundred Erb to various stakeholders and the Shirithian government in September 2013 in contravention of the law in both micronations. The claim states that Melang transferred and distributed all funds belonging to the Alexandrian-based Corporation during an attempt to illegally dissolve it. At stake is a total sum of 1467 Erb.

For its part, Alexandria is hoping that the Imperial Judex will find that a fraud did occur under the provisions of Shirerithian law and order that the assets be frozen until returned in-full to the Corporation. The assets would inevitably be distributed to any creditors and the Alexandrian government, as the corporation officially entered into receivership on January 1 of this year.

An intervener in the matter, the Elwynnese state government, which benefited from the distribution of funds by Melang, has petitioned the Judex to reject the Alexandrian application citing jurisdictional limitations. It has expressed its opinion that the Imperial Judex cannot hear disputes from foreign powers against Shireroth or its constituent states. It has instead suggested that the matter be resolved through diplomatic channels.

Melang has not yet filed a Statement of Defence in response to the claim though he did provide a brief statement to the Court. “I categorically deny and oppose this claim,” stated Melang, echoing the Elwynnese argument that the Imperial Judex has no jurisdiction over the matter.

The Standard One-on-One: August Charles II

The Coprieta Standard has the opportunity to sit down with Gotzborg’s King August Charles II to reflect on the past year in Gotzborg and what 2014 has in store for the micronation.

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Goddess-Empress returns to Jingdao

ROLLINS PIEK (CS) | Thousands and thousands of participants at the Purification Ceremony (a seven yearly ceremony) in the capital were stunned by the wonder that happened before their eyes: the return of their former Empress who had become a Goddess, well-known as Sisera Bat Erasmus.

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Overwhelming support for Elwynn reunion talks

ELIRIA (CS) – Despite a short controversy last month resulting from an exposé of secret Shirerithian discussions aimed at influencing Elwynn in a reclamation bid, the majority of Elwynn’s senators have today voted to officially undertake such talks in hopes of a bittersweet reunion with its former parent-state.

The long-winded “Decision of the Senate on the Question of Reunification with Shireroth,” as it is officially known, was the subject of a nearly two-week debate in the Elwynnese Senate. That debate culminated in a vote that saw five out of six senators vote in favour of commencing official negotiations with Shireroth to conclude an annexation agreement.

The only hold-out against the measure was Lord Erion (Iain de Vembria) who ardently campaigned for Elwynn to remain independent. Said Erion in a passionate condemnation of his fellow senator – Luix Rakira – for supporting reunification, “You have significantly underestimated the extent of [Elwynn’s] success …. To achieve your aim, you will have no option but to destroy the very empire that you profess to admire, thus implementing the goals of the foreign opposition that we have hitherto endured, and leaving the tattered remnants of a once great land to return to a lingering death, stripped again of its sovereignty, and all for the grand cause of reunification.”

Rakira dismissed Erion’s harsh rebuke, noting that Elwynn was “dismembering itself” with the recent loss of its territories of Normark, Hurmu, and Kaikias, with its remaining territories “unproven … quiet … directionless.” Rakira voiced his opinion that a reunion with Shireroth would serve to rebuild and energize Elwynn.

This sentiment was echoed by most Senators. Scott Alexander, an Elwynnese senator who was accused of being a leading force behind the secret annexation discussions in Shireroth exposed last month, successfully sold the annexation to his fellow senators. Said Alexander, who has long desired a reunion, Elwynn would become an Imperial State in Shireroth, the highest designation providing Elwynn with “complete autonomy … total freedom in choosing leaders, setting internal borders, and making their own laws,” though any future attempt to regain independence would require supporters in Shireroth’s legislature to attain a three-quarters majority in favour.

Senator Octavius Me, in a tongue-in-cheek condemnation of the secret discussions held in Shireroth to reacquire Elwynn, nonetheless sided with the proposal, noting that a reunion “makes sense.” Continued Octavius, “Elwynn broke away over how Shireroth’s imperial government had been riding roughshod over its feudal constituents. [It] has since realized the errors of its ways …, that dispute is over. Shireroth is lesser without Elwynn and Elwynn is unsteady without Shireroth.”

With the adoption of the measure today by the Senate, the proposal moves to the next phase which involves an official discussion between the citizens of Elwynn and representatives of Shireroth, to be held in Elwynn.

With both micronations sharing much of their population, and strong Senate support in Elwynn, the reunion is seen as a foregone conclusion, with only the details to be hammered out through negotiation.

Shireroth calls for Elwynn MTO suspension

BASTION UNION (CS) – Citing an unprovoked attempt to draw his micronation into a non-consensual recreational war, Shireroth’s representative to the Micras Treaty Organization (MTO), Vilhelm Benkern, has tabled a motion calling for the suspension of the Elwynnese Union, citing violation of the Small Treaty of Non-Aggression.

The Small Treaty of Non-Aggression, to which both Shireroth and Elwynn are signatories, generally aims to prevent conflicts between micronations, but does allow an exception for recreational wars that are mutually agreed upon by the conflicting parties.

In his speech to the MTO General Assembly, Benkern argued that Elwynn’s action in attacking the Shirerithian city of Jessvillia was without provocation or consent and therefore constituted a violation of the “explicit covenants that form the foundation of the Treaty Organization and with it peace on Micras.” Benkern further condemned Elwynn for what he perceived as its wilful turn to violence, noting that Shireroth had proposed third party arbitration to attempt to find a solution to recent tensions between the two micronations surrounding a (in-sim) plot on the life of Prince Ayreon of Elwynn.

The Shireroth motion before the General Assembly, if adopted, would indefinitely suspend Elwynn’s membership in the organization until such as time as it has paid reparations and apologized to Shireroth’s government.

The motion has yet to garner a response from Elwynn or other MTO members as of press time.

Ayreon seeks Elwynn withdrawal from Raspur Pact

ELIRIA (CS) – An ardent supporter of the Raspur Pact, Elwynn’s Prince, Elijah Ayreon, has made a stunning reversal, calling for the micronation to leave the Raspur Pact immediately. Ayreon’s change of heart comes as the Empire of Jingdao and South Batavia, a member of the Pact, takes on an increasingly belligerent tone in international relations.

In his resolution tabled before the Elwynnese Senate, Ayreon accuses Jingdao of a targeted propaganda campaign against Elwynn, attempting to annex Shireroth, effectively declaring war on Babkha, and wrongly seeking to condemn Ayreon himself to death for being a political opponent. Said Ayreon of his micronation’s Raspur Pact mutual defence obligations toward Jingdao, “we will not defend them … I would rather be the very aggressor against [Jingdao].”

In calling for Elwynn’s exit from the Pact, Ayreon cites that while he desires a closer relationship with Babkha, the Pact can no longer be the mechanism to promote that, due to Jingdao’s belligerence and the inadequacy of the Pact’s wording to allow for the removal of a member of the alliance. According to Ayreon, “it is impossible for Elwynn to remain in [the] alliance.”

The resolution remains under debate in the Senate as of press time; however, one Senator, Luix Rakira, has voiced his support for the withdrawal from the Pact.