UNP dominates Florian election

Northcliff – The Florian Republic held its first election since the War of Lost Brothers with the United National Party of the Republic (UNPR) gaining a staggering 100 seats out of the possible 120. The remaining seats of the parliament were filled by the First Order of the Florian Republic (18 seats) and Florian Prosperity Party (2 seats) respectively.

What was a surprise was that the Pro-Jing and Shireroth parties created after the peace treaty of the Florian Republic failed to gain seats in the election. The election itself was angrily reacted to by Shireroth which stated that the poor performance of the Nationalist & Humanist Party of Floria was due to alleged systematic fraud and corruption in the Florian government. It also blamed the emigration of loyalist families to the Florian Free State around Blyth in the aftermath of the occupation and civil war that had destroyed most everything in the south of the country. The Florian government denied that there were any cases of corruption.

The poor performance of the Nationalist & Humanist Party of Floria was due to alleged systematic fraud and corruption in the Florian Government.

With this result, the promises of the UNPR of improving the infrastructure in the south of the country and negotiations to reclaim lost Florian land, many Florians believe that more complicated issues will arise, especially with the nations of Shireroth and Jingdao.

Many Florians believe that more complicated issues will arise, especially with the nations of Shireroth and Jingdao.

It is only a matter of time to see what the UNPR brings to the war-torn country in Apollonia which has suffered great losses during the war. Will the economy be revived, will political tensions wind down? Will anyone help the country in the future? It’s down to the UNPR and most of all Adam Cooke, the now mega-rich president of the country.

Florian Republic commits to Srbozemlje

NORTHCLIFF – New Florian President, Jessica Smith has committed to her pledge of protecting Srbozemlje from the Kingdom of Coria and Krasnarus in the war of lost brothers, a conflict started after a rogue assassin from the autonomous territory unlawfully killed the Corian King, Nikolaj the First.

The Florian Republic’s stance on the war has changed regularly since the start and it recently scrapped the protectorate treaty with Shireroth, creating an uncertain future. Smith, however, has discussed plans with the President of Srbozemlje over the territories defence.

In a speech, Jessica stated, “The Florian Republic has been a victim to poor leadership by the Florian Labour Party which was gullible to Shireroth. [Shireroth] had effectively destroyed order in the country [with] the parliament unable to pass legislation without permission from Shirekeep. In response to criticism over the war, we are committed to protecting all parts of Floria, especially our land in the Micras Balkans (Srbozemlje) and, in the future, we will attempt to finally bring peace to Apollonia. We thank Dimitrije Golubović for effective communication over this issue.”

In related news, the Florian Parliament has sought to circumvent Shireroth’s control over its foreign affairs, by tabling motions to guarantee the Republic’s future neutrality and to recognize the successor state of Hamland, Caputia.

Aärnesen plans Craitish referendum

CHERRY TREES – New Craitish Prime Minister Iņa Aärnesen has set down her party’s plan for her premiership, with the much-anticipated USSO membership referendum planned for parliamentary discussion before the end of the month.

Aärnesen was elected in September in an unprecedented Liberal-Centre Alliance (LCA) majority victory, becoming only the second Prime Minister from the agrarian-minded party. As the nation’s second ever female to hold the position, Aärnesen has gained a plethora of support from the public, sealing all but three of the available 33 county seats through a platform promising citizens a referendum on Craitland’s membership in the USSO.

Craitland became a founding member of the USSO in early 2017 under the administration of Social Democrat Hjaņ Berntsen. While the USSO is a primarily military alliance, Berntsen’s justification for Craitland’s membership was to allow for a means of effectively providing humanitarian aid to civilians during the Hammish Civil War. Since the apparent cessation of conflict in central Keltia, the USSO has focused on establishing trade amongst its members, though recent developments have led to an air of unease.

Antagonistic behaviour from Daocheng has subsequently culminated in Jingdao and Shireroth ending an unofficial armistice; a move which could once again drag a traditionally peaceable Craitland into warfare, while activities in the Florian Republic have seen its USSO membership terminated following considerably increased involvement from Shirekeep.

Mr Sacriches of the LCA, credited as the mastermind of its electoral success.

LCA head of communications, Alexandrian Marc-Antoine Sacriches – whose expertise has been credited with masterminding the party’s successful election campaign – gave an announcement which was seen to praise the Florians’ latest news as inspiration for the future of Craitland, “The Florian people have shown that USSO membership does not equal straight subjugation by the Jingdaoese. We are in control of our own future in this country, and that means all of us. Ms Aärnesen’s vision will give every Crait the right to decide our nation’s path, and together we will choose the best route forward and forget the mistakes other parties have made without our support.”

Popular opinion polling in Craitland suggests that a referendum asking a direct in-or-out question would receive a narrow majority in favour of leaving the organisation, though the format is yet to be confirmed and further influential campaigning is surely expected prior to the day Craits once again make their way to the ballot box.