Statement regarding the relinquishing of Tebec land to the Free Territories by the Government of Amerada.

Tebec Government Press Release 20020501

01 May 2002
The Government of Tebec strongly condemns the actions of the Federal government in giving away land owned by Tebec to the Free Territories. This land was given to the FT in an effort to keep Amerada independent after the FT claimed to have annexed the nation. This government fully supports the federal authorities in their efforts to keep Amerada independent, however we are outraged that the Federal Government gave away Tebec land without even discussing the issue with the Tebec Government.

The land was given up in a “pick-and-choose” type program, where the FT could take whatever they want and the colonies had no choice but to accept. The Tebec Government had to find out of this deal between the FT and Amerada from a public notice from the FT government, where it had stated what land it would take. This government is outraged that land from Tebec was put up for grabs, while about 5 other colonies were not even forced to put their land up for the peace deal.

“Area 8” as it is now known, consisted of uninhabited, and geographical unsound land, mountains mainly, and is of little value at this time to Tebec. However, there are resources in those places yet to be found, and in the future Tebec may need this land. That is why the Government of Tebec has decided to begin informal negotiations with the FT in a bid to bring back our land to our control. Until such a time that we have Area 8 back under our control, any FT citizen that enters Tebec illegally from that area will be shot. The Tebec Colonial Militia has been ordered to set up a perimeter around Area 8 to keep all unwanted people out of the Colony.

Area 8 was unjustly and quite frankly, we feel it to also be illegally, ripped from the people of Tebec without any of the parties involved (Amerada and the Free Territories) giving any notice to the Tebec Government. The deal between the two parties was announced and signed in a matter of hours without giving ample time to the colonies to voice their opinions on the deal. Once again we see the general neglect of the Federal Government over the power of the Colony to control its own faith. That land was not federal, it was colonial and it is the right of this colony, Tebec, to be informed and decide was is to happen to its land.