Confrontation in Northern Sea sparks world instability

NORTHERN SEA – For the past month, civil war has been raging through the mainland of the Commonwealth of Hamland. A confusing war with several groups changing sides, losing and winning allies and receiving military, financial and diplomatic support from several groups, threatens to expand in an even larger conflict. While the Hammish possession of […]

Jexit! Jingdao departs from Micronationalism

On Sunday the 19th of June, the Empire of Jingdao, a simulated micronation, user of the Bastion Forums and a member of the Micronational Cartography Society, announced its decision to withdraw from participating in micronationalism in order to focus on a creative-writing orientated ‘conworld project’. [1] The request generated a fair amount of controversy as […]

Shireroth responds to growing Jingdaoese threat

Submitted by: Thorgils Tarjeisson SHIREKEEP (Shireroth) – News of the Blackrock Pact, signed on the 28th of March this year but only announced to the world on the 7th of April, came to the attention of the Shirerithian government only latterly and provoked a low level discussion between the Kaiser, his ministers and interested parties […]