The Standard One-on-One: Julien Starr

Senior Editor: I joined the Commonwealth of Interland (the Anglophone one) back in August 2001 as my first ever micronation. At the time, I was welcomed by a number of individuals who would become some of the most famous, and infamous, of the Anglophone simulationist community. Names such as Austi Scot, Sean Walker, and Julien Starr come to mind. The latter was one with whom I made an immediate connection..

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Norton Awards Revived!

Following his special appearance at last year’s FNORD Awards as Guest of Honour, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia has decided to revive the original Norton Awards this year, at the suggestion of Carson Smith, the King of Ronen, among many other things.

As before, the Norton Awards are held to celebrate Emperor Norton Day on January 8th, to commemorate the anniversary of his death in 1880. A short biography of his life and achievements may be found here.

The winners of the 2005 Norton Awards are:

Cultural achievement: President Kevin Baugh – for developing the Republic of Molossia’s culture.
Intermicronational achievement: Marjorie Boodlesmythe of the NFA – for getting Micro-Net back on the Internet.
Political achievement: Northern Forest Archipelago – for being mentioned in 2 articles in the macronational press, one article focusing mainly on the NFA.
New micronation of the year: Utopia – for its promotion of individual sovereignty, and Interlingua as a common tongue.
Personal achievement: Kieran Bennett, Julian Starr, and Richard Shears – for the founding of Kallidéa.

Puritanian claims to Interland swiftly crushed

In a short display of diplomatic maturity, finesse and military restraint, Prime Minister Sinclair, and Leul Ras Daniel of Interland coupled with the support of the Emperor of the Atterans crushed any hope of Puritanian claims to Interland which were levied by Mr. Julian Starr, a high level Puritainian official and former Imperial Ras of Interland. Mr. Starr working to gain activity in Puritania attempted to bring about Interland’s union with Puritania by attempting to wrest Interland from the Atteran Empire.

Upon notification of his intent in the Puritanian forums, the Atteran Prime Minister Lord Liam, issued a statement condemning the action by Puritania in the LOM and notified several major Intermicronational governments, that they shouldn’t take Puritania’s move seriously. The Emperor issued his statement that informed all of the agreement between Interland and the Solomonic Empire and since there was no notification of the intent to leave the Solomonic Empire on Interland’s part by it’s Kaiser, Leul Ras Daniel of the House of Dreesbach, not to mention, there was not 2/3rds of Interland’s population that wished for unification with Puritania, Mr. Starr’s action should be viewed as illegal and ignored.

By the end of the week the crisis was over as, Mr. Starr visited the Atteran Imperial Forum and withdrew the Puritanian claim. The Atteran Imperial Government’s response was to keep the ban on Mr. Starr until further notice, but expressed no ill will towards him.

Reflections: The Interland Annexation

In September 2002, Attera annexed the Commonwealth of Interland – an annexation driven primarily by a nation’s lack of activity and another nation’s integration of a make-believe map as an important part of its foreign policy.

There is one common vision of all micronationalists, which is to make their micronation more realistic in its function and structure. Whether that encompasses realism or fantasy is another thing. One of the typical ways to achieve this sense of realism is through the creation of virtual worlds, and the application of those worlds on various policies of the nation.

One nation, Attera, found itself relying heavily on the Micronational Cartography Society’s world map, sometimes referred to as Micras, in 2002. For one, Attera based its economic simulation on the product of fantasy goods and services that could be found on the resource map of Micras, instead of using real products that use, for example, the Internet as a medium.

Furthermore, Micras was taken so seriously by the Atteran government at the time, that it would be the basis of the nation’s foreign policy. With Micras being the basis of two important factors of Atteran society – its economy and foreign policy – the stage was set for expansion of Attera on Micras in order to gain control of more and more of the “natural” resources of the “planet”.

To its south on that map was the Commonwealth of Interland, a resource rich, regularly with one foot in the grave, nation. In the Micras trance, Interland was therefore a security liability to the Atteran Imperial Government as it was a weak nation, with no hopes of defending itself, and, most frightful of all, bordering the Atteran nation. Despite the map being nothing more than a fantasy, the Atteran government could not risk an enemy nation, like Babkha, hijacking Interland’s territory.

Another reason given by the Atteran Imperial Government for the annexation proposal to the Interland government was that Interland’s former president, Sean Walker, joined the Atteran Commonwealth in September 2001 and this meant that Attera felt a connection with Interland and did not want it to disappear from existence (or more rightly, the Micras map).

A more major reason for the annexation, security concerns of Attera aside, was that Interland had many “useful” resources which could aide the Atteran economic simulation quite well. Not to mention that Interland had a history of being very economy-minded, with Austi Scot having created an interesting, albeit sometimes confusing, economic model.

None of these reasons would have mattered, however, if it had not been for the Interland government’s own admission that the nation was on the verge of collapse – even more so after a planned merger with Pacifica fell through. Interland was becoming desperate after a couple of reincarnations failed – most notably the Tymarian State of Interland, and the Kingdom of Interland. As Julian Starr stated in one of the many chats in which the annexation was hammered out, “Interland in many respects is like Russia, it’s disorganized, sparsely populated, was feared, and too focused on external affairs, full of extremists.” And like Russia, the nation was fast becoming nothing m ore than a liability to the security of the “greater” world, at least, so it seemed to the Atterans.

Amerada’s Senate finally opens

After being fought for by “opposition” groups (that is, the political opponents of the DLPA when it was lead by Earl Washburn), Amerada’s first senate came into operation today. Chief Justice Liam Sinclair and President Nick Bridgewater are both pleased at the opening as both have been fighting for an upper house of the federal legislature to represent the colonies and territories of Amerada since they first joined the micronation. The Senate will be chaired by newly appointed Vice-President Tristan Calvani, who was appointed to the position after Sinclair resigned from the legislature and cabinet in Amerada in order to stay on as Chief Justice under the new Supreme Court Act 2003. Every three months, the senate will rotate with each rotation representing five of the fifteen colonies and territories. After nine months, all colonies and territories will have been represented in the Senate at least once. The current senators, and the colonies and territories represented by the 1st Amerada Senate are as follows:

* New Columbia: Matt Dyble (AAPC)
* Tebec: Guy McAllum (SDPA)
* Michswick: Earl Andrew Washburn (GPA)
* Geord & Island: Julian Starr (DLPA)
* Naoufaland: Naoufal Kadhom (GPA)

The first task of the newly opened Senate will come when the treaty of annexation between Amerada and the United Bobessian Republic is tabled before it. The treaty is expected to pass the House of Common Representatives easily, but its fate in the Senate is uncertain as Earl Washburn’s Green Party of Amerada has their only two legislative seats in the Senate and Washburn has vowed to oppose every single piece of legislation Bridgewater tables in spite after losing the Presidential election in December 2002.

Starr proposes solution to Hurmu-Lyrica question

Puritanian Lord Protector and claimant to the MCS lands of the Lyrican Republic, Julian Starr, has proposed a treaty to the Republic of Hurmu, which has claimed Lyrica City to be its capital. The treaty, is accepted to be valid by the MCS, will declare the Lyrican Republic to be a living, breathing nation, despite the fact that it seems the exact opposite. The treaty will give the Lyrican’s the land immediately surrounding, and including Lyrica City while permitting Hurmu to retain the other former Lyrican lands.

The Governments of Puritania, Nova Roma, and Attera have all voiced their support for the treaty as a resolution to the issue, with those three nations having direct connections to Lyrica by way of having former Lyrican citizens, or “current” citizens, in their ranks. Hurmu and its supporters have yet to respond to the treaty proposal. It is expected that the MCS may be cold to the proposal as its chairman, Kaiser Raynor X, has stated previously that he does not take the claim by the Lyricans to the land seriously as the Lyrican Republic is long dead.

Prime Minister Makonnen announces new Cabinet

After assuming office just days ago, Prime Minister of Attera, HIH Ras Diga Makonnen IV, has announced his cabinet. The cabinet has changed greatly since PM Anderson’s days, with the addition of new faces to Attera. This announced cabinet is tentative, pending the acceptance of all those appointed to their positions.

The Eighth Imperial Government of Attera

Min of Defense: Ras Bit. William Yeh

Imperial Foreign Min.: Woy. Dejaz. Sirithil nos Feanor w/Dep. Imperial Foreign Min. Ras Bit. William Yeh

Min of Economics: Ras Liam Sinclair w/Dep. Min. Ras Diga Makonnen

Min of Interior: Me w/Dep. Min. Ras Liam Sinclair

Min of Communications: Imp. Ras Dabe Harmagedon

Imperial High Judge: Imp. Ras Charles

State Prosecutor: Imp. Ras Julian Starr

State Defense: Imp. Ras Charles

General of the Armies: Imp. Ras Diga Makonnen

General of the Inkhanidaan: Imp. Ras Dabe Harmagedon

General of the Shagadaan: Ras Liam Sinclair

Admiral of the Navy: Le’ul Ras Daniel Dreesbach

General of the Air Forces: Imp. Ras Julian Starr

This government will include two positions adopted by the Atteran Imperial Defence Forces from their newest component, the Interland Defence Force. The Interland Defence Force consisted of two simulated services, the navy and the air force, and these two positions will be kept as simulated services when Gen. Sinclair (IDF) and Gen. Makonnen (AIDF) sit down to reform the structure of the AIDF.

In other Atteran news, the Grand Executive Council has awarded the following honours to citizens of Attera:

Ras Bit. Yeh: Collar of the Black Star of Attera First Class, Hero of the Atteran Federation – First Award.
Ras Liam Sinclair: Collar of the Black Star of Attera First Class, Hero of the Atteran Federation Medal, Atteran Accommodation Medal.
Ras Oscar Anderson- Collar of the Black Star of Attera First Class, Second Award.

Ras Yeh will be receiving the Hero of the Atteran Federation for his work in laying the foundation for the currently improving relations between Attera and Cranda. Ras Sinclair will receive the HoAF and AAM, for his work in bringing together Attera and Interland.

Also, the Atteran economy is set to start up shortly. Businesses have been registering with the Atteran Business Bureau, however, they haven’t opened an account at the Imperial Bank yet. The Bank would like for all citizens and businesses in Attera to post their account opening request at the bank’s main forum so that when it opens early next week, most of the account work will have been done.