Norton Awards Revived!

Following his special appearance at last year’s FNORD Awards as Guest of Honour, President Kevin Baugh of Molossia has decided to revive the original Norton Awards this year, at the suggestion of Carson Smith, the King of Ronen, among many other things.

As before, the Norton Awards are held to celebrate Emperor Norton Day on January 8th, to commemorate the anniversary of his death in 1880. A short biography of his life and achievements may be found here.

The winners of the 2005 Norton Awards are:

Cultural achievement: President Kevin Baugh – for developing the Republic of Molossia’s culture.
Intermicronational achievement: Marjorie Boodlesmythe of the NFA – for getting Micro-Net back on the Internet.
Political achievement: Northern Forest Archipelago – for being mentioned in 2 articles in the macronational press, one article focusing mainly on the NFA.
New micronation of the year: Utopia – for its promotion of individual sovereignty, and Interlingua as a common tongue.
Personal achievement: Kieran Bennett, Julian Starr, and Richard Shears – for the founding of Kallidéa.

Letters to the Editor: Events in Madland

At 12:15 PM, Kieran said…

and how many paples and foreigners voted in the poll?

I would be interested in knowing what led you to come to your conclusion re: Jorge Tuvallia? What source do you have for these ‘rumours’?


Mr. Kieran,

It is not certain how many foreigners voted in the poll at this moment. The poll was already extremely outdated, but in recent times I became active again and people began voting.

Regarding Jorge Tuvallia, the MBCC has not arrived at any conclusions. We are reporting what is happening in Madland as it is. Madland is a delicate balance of offline and online activities. The rumors we mentioned in the article responded to information obtained from an offline Madlandian citizen. We are truly sorry that we cannot present the person online, for that would credit and make our sources look presentable and accurate to the online public.

Thank you for your interest and inquiry.


Letter to the Editor

I’ve just read your article on Lavalon (Sep 2003 Issue). I did not expect to be completely absent from Hanover, but considering the recent behind the scenes events that led to the appointment of an ‘heir’ and the re-forming of the Royal Nationhood Commission (and yes, that poll was depressing, so much for trying to prove to the doubters that our nation was alive) I have decided to effectively leave Hanoverian politics.

Whilst my motivation for appointing a Deputy PM was because of study, which is still a factor, it was events after this that provoked my move to Lavalon and away from Hanover.

Thanks for an all in all well written and balanced article.

Kieran Bennett
Sovereign Prince of Lavalon

Bennett Refounds Lavalon

A matter of days after he told Hanover that they should have a deputy prime minister due to his continuing educational commitments macronationally, Kieran Bennett has refounded his micronation, known as the Sovereign Principality of Lavalon.

The refounding of the micronation seem s to fly in the face of his statement in Hanover that his time for micronations won’t be all that much in the coming year, the last year of high school for him. However, he can’t be blamed for giving new life to Lavalon, since it was his creation, and Hanover, where his Prime Ministerial duties make it one of his major micronational commitments, is practically dead (a poll for Hanover citizens only at their Ezboard showed that five of eight citizens – pending that only citizens actually voted – believe that Hanover is dead – results current as of 17 Aug 2003).

You can find Lavalon at

News Briefs: 22 Jun 2003

June 21/2003 – Kingdom of Babkha
Today at the Raspur Conference, the Collective Unconscious announced its withdrawal from the project and the Alternate Realities world map as the leadership of that organization decided to move it out of the micronational scene. The Raspur Conference, which is designed to produce a new intermicronational organization between nations with similar goals, such as Attera, Babkha, and Aerlig, to name just a few, received a major blow on June 12/2003 when the Kingdom of Hanover withdrew from the conference. Hanover’s previous government, under Robert Gresham, supported the conference, however, that support has all but dried up since Kieran Bennett became Prime Minister. Long time supporter of the project, Hanoverian Thomas Cutterham, plans to continue on in the discussions as an independent party.

June 22/2003 – Kingdom of Hanover
Robert Gresham has filed a motion in the High Court to have the Hanoverian Private Bank shut down. The bank came into operation after the crash of the server containing Hanover’s national bank. Gresham, along with other Hanoverians, are concerned of the lack of accountability of the actions of the private bank and that it is using an “illegal” currency, the Talon, which the bank pegs 1:1 to Hanover’s currency, the Talen. The motion in court also accuses the private bank of attempting to deceive the public by making it look like it has the support of Hanover’s government by using a name similar to the Talen and using a 1:1 exchange rate.

News Briefs: 8 Jun 2003

(Hanover) June 07/2003 – Robert Gresham has won Hanover’s first High Court case today. Prime Minister Bennett filed a defemation suit against Gresham, only to have requested it dismissed today after well written defensive rebuttals by Gresham. Another court battle may be ensuing as Bennett claims his abandonment cannot be taken as losing the case, and thus, he is not required to pay Gresham’s legal expenses, which amount to almost 100 Talen. Gresham has threatened to refer the bill to a collection agency and have the accounts of Bennett frozen unless he pays it.

(Politika) June 08/2003 – The Scheheradze Convention on Micronational Warfare is up for voting in Politika’s House of Commons today. The measure is expected to be one of the more difficult bills to pass in Politika’s legislative history, as there are high profile supporters and opposers. Politika’s successful adoption of the intermicronational agreement is a prerequisite in the treaty renegotiations with Attera, and is hoped to help improve Politika’s ailing intermicronational image by promoting a peaceful atmosphere.

War of Words Heats Up in Hanover Feud

The war of words between Hanover’s current Prime Minister, Kieran Bennett, and his famed predecessor, Robert Gresham, is nothing new for the citizens of Hanover and the many foreigners that pass through the nation each day. However, after Gresham helped lead a boycott that has all but brought to a halt Bennett’s Casino operations (with the last game having only one participant), Bennett took a stab back at Gresham today.

Bennett filed a civil complaint with the High Court today against Gresham. The complaint revolves around Gresham’s comment that “[Bennett] is a fraud,” citing that this comment was “without basis and published with malicious intent and the publication of these claims has harmed the plaintiff’s reputation upon which he relys in the conduct of his business.” Bennett is asking the courts to order Gresham to retract and apologize publicly for the comment, as well as to pay Bennett a sum of 20 Talens.

The case, which is merely meant as a civil suit, may turn into much more. The direct challenge by Bennett citing that Gresham’s words have harmed his business, if granted by the courts, could mean that any future organized boycotts can be easily defeated. This could turn a democratic protest by consumers against a local business due to its business practices, into a crime.