Liam Sinclair

Territorial claims untenable despite spin

A recent discussion started by Connor Stumperth of Mallanor poses the question of whether or not individual micronations recognize so-called “blanket claims” of large swaths of territory that the micronation cannot reasonably exert its influence upon in any meaningful, i.e. sovereign, manner. One such micronation that makes a significant such territorial claim is Madrona, a […]

Making micronational universities relevant

OPINION – The ultimate goal of a micronational university must be to build a better micronation and, in doing so, support its longevity. This requires that it develop local skills and knowledge that help focus the population toward the needs of the micronation, its customs and its environment. Losing sight of this primary purpose will […]

Godwin’s Law met as Pavlovian fallout continues

The diplomatic isolation that is befalling Pavlov due to its unprogressive condemnation of homosexuality, while well-meaning, must avoid a loss of the moral high-ground by the invocation of Godwin’s Law.