The Standard One-on-One: Vilhelm Benkern

COPRIETA (CS) | The Coprieta Standard is pleased to present a feature interview with veteran micronationalist Vilhelm Benkern about his near-eight years of participation in the hobby, as well as his thoughts on current challenges facing the community.

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Summer Slump News Roundup!

It’s that infamous time of year again, so we’ve awoken from our siesta to bring you all the latest news from around a large part of the micronational world:
  • A1 has announced an election.
  • Aerica is talking about food.
  • Alexandria’s implementation of its new constitution has stalled.
  • Antica has denied Aryez its independence, is indecisive over who should become its new Foreign Minister, and is thinking of reviving KZFO Radio Nafticon.
  • Apiya is opening diplomatic relations with Pasárgada.
  • Ashkenatza has restored its Nohsi, Herr Astopov.
  • Atlantium is having some communication problems.
  • Azuristan has replaced its Crown Prince and heir apparent.
  • The Babkhans are still drunk.
  • Beaugium is still talking about Cake and Fridays.
  • Bobalania has been invited to join the UNUMC.
  • Bosworth has published some Batavian orders of battle.
  • In Cräiteland, Craitman has gone on the Grand Tour.
  • Cyberia fails to prevail.
  • The Domain and Realms want to create an online zoo.
  • Dura is not that durable.
  • The Formori flag is still appearing all around the world.
  • Gralus is having a land swap, reforming its Intelligence Community, still hosting the World Expo and doing various other things.
  • Hamland has some new insignia and a new General.
  • Hanover has published its Hanover Day 2009 Honours.
  • Holzer is finally preparing a new map showing its independence.
  • Imperium Incognita has entered into a diplomatic and familial alliance with Natopia.
  • Istvanistan still has not fallen.
  • Jamzinia is ticking over thanks to a talking strawberry.
  • Kanto has been denied a map.
  • Ladonia’s driftwood “city” is featured by IO9.
  • Lavalon is drafting a new foreign policy and compiling a list of coverage of micronations in the mainstream media.
  • In Laurant a new palace is being constructed from the ruins of an ancient Atteran castle.
  • Livlandia is preparing for a recwar and deciding on deserving recipients of its Order.
  • Lovely has just elected a new Prime Minister (Cog).
  • Molossia has joined microfinancing charity Kiva.
  • Natopia has had its Emperor’s Jubilee.
  • Nelaga is talking Storywar Charters and Micron Revolutions.
  • New Britannia has applied for preservation by the Apollo Foundation.
  • Norduryyk is holding a constitutional debate.
  • In Nova England, Jeremy has had to quit micronations.
  • In Ocia, Matt Kovac has made a “speach” to mark Federation Day.
  • Réunion has signed a treaty with Lavalon.
  • Shireroth has a new Minister of Information (Erik Mortis) and a Fiesta de la B0O0/\/\.
  • The South Pacific region of Nationstates has suffered a precipitous decline in population over the past year.
  • Stormark has received a state visit from Batavia.
  • Talossa’s poetry competition has concluded, while senate reform and freedom of information and privacy are being debated.
  • Thrace has a new ambassador.
  • Uantir’s King Ari has changed his name to King Ailin.
  • The Umbagollans are still irregularly reviewing things and discussing utterly fascinating links.
  • Universalis is signing treaties.
And finally…
That’s all, folks!

Gunboat diplomacy knocking at Hamland’s doors

Corcovado City, Santa Gertrudis; ABCC News – The Kingdom of Babhka sent a Minorca class patrol boat to the Kingdom of Hamland as a response to the latter nation’s recent expulsion of Babkhan, Alexandrian, Lovely, Britannic and Tellian nationals. The Kingdom of Hamland is a self-declared ally of the growing micronational communist movement.

The Kingdom of Hamland was prompted to order the expulsion after said nations gathered together to create the Council of Free Nations, a pact against the growing communist movement in micronationalism. “I suggest Hamland close it’s borders to all citizens (Excluding diplomats) in case of any people trying to support terrorist factions by bringing weaponry or any other objects,” stated His Majesty, King Lewis of Hamland. The King of Hamland also stated that the ban was brought about to “protect foreigners from any left wing nationalist Hamlanders” who want to harm them. As a response, the Babkhan Government sent the HMS Islas de Minorcas to monitor the situation “for any further signs of hostile intent”.

The ban on nationals from member nations of the Council of Free States has brought a backlash from the nations targeted by the ban. The Kingdom of Tellia reciprocated by instituting a ban on Hammish nationals and has sent a small delegation aboard the HMS Islas Minorcas. The Empire of the Alexandrians replied with a mild letter from His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, assuring the King of Hamland “that the Empire of the Alexandrias is not targeting the Kingdom of Hamland in its quest to eliminate threats to its own stability and security.” The Britannic Parliament reacted by debating a bill to reciprocate the ban Hamland instituted, while demanding an apology from Hamland and resolving to “assist any and all anti-communist resistance groups within Hamland.”

Despite the ban, Hammish security agents arrested “radicals on suspicion of planning terrorist actions” from a terrorist organization called the “Iron Circle”.

Alexandria condemns Katyushan missile test, readies response

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today released a statement regarding the recent firing of a Katyushan test intercontinential precision missile, after it was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense that the launch indeed took place. “The Empire of the Alexandrians will do whatever it can to ensure the peace, stability and security of its territories and its allies,” stated the Foreign Ministry. “The Ministry of Defense, in coordination with other security institutions, are more than prepared to respond to any and all security threats from the Katyushan Federation.”

The Foreign Ministry also commended the Kingdom of Lovely and the Ocian Federation for also condemning the missile test. The Kingdom of Lovely responded to the missile test much more harshly, launching a military operation called Operation APPRAISAL and by declaring a state of war between Katyusha and Lovely. Raids across the Katyushan border by the Lovely Royal Air Force have begun, and a suspected missile facility in Katyusha was also attacked by Lovely.

No formal Alexandrian military response has been announced, and the Foreign Ministry has sent an ambassador to Katyusha to keep diplomatic communications channels between both nations open.


FNORD! Malarbor Green with Envy as 2006 Winners are Announced!

THE NORTON LOUNGE, MNN – This morning His Majesty the King of Gotzborg presented the 2006 FNORD Awards, in association the Royal Institute of Micronational Antiquities (RIMA), but the Shireroth’s Evil Tree God (TM) Malarbor (TM) was so jealous at the winner of the journalism award that he created his own.

Addressing the assembled audience, His Majesty thanked the awards committee and applauded the new awards, commending this year’s changes and improvements, and declaring that they “represent the best examples of the people, efforts, projects and micronations which make up… the most dynamic community in our online world”.

He added that, irrespective of the numerous reasons for people coming together to participate in micronations, in the end everyone walks away from their experiences “better for the interaction, better for the opportunities and better for the time spent”.

The official award winners are:

Best New Micronationalist – Carson Smith
Best Revolutionary Concept – The Kingdom of Lovely
The Bill Dusch Award for Micronational Cultural Development – Ric Lyon
The Odlum Award for Individual Achievement – Orion Ilios
The Norton Award for Excellence in the Field of Journalism – Novaya Zemlya
The Peter Little Award for Excellence in Micronational Literature – Greg Russell
The RIMA Award for Excellence in Micronational History – The Staff of Microwiki

Meanwhile, Malarbor’s (TM) Malarbor Award for Journalistic Nift (TM) went to Nick “Foghorn” Leghorn.

Babkhan Crown Pushes Agenda

KAMALSHAHR, BABKHA – After weeks of relative quiet on the home front following the passing of a new Constitution thatgreatly expands the role of the Babkhan Crown vis-a-vis the Babkhan legislature, Shahanshah of Babkha – Osman Shahanshah – in a series of Imperial Farmans, has effectively sealed the dominance of the Throne over the domestic agenda even as the Royal Shahiyar Palace secured a major legislative victory in Majlis.

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the Palace has issued seven Imperial Farmans ranging in scope from setting up a new government, establishing an economic system and awarding titles to friends abroad.

His Highness the Sultan of Hatay, Muhammed al-Baqir, a relative newcomer to the Kingdom of Babkha, but one who has seen great advancement in a relatively short time, assumed the Grand Viziership under Imperial Farman 031205. He replaced Amir Shervanis, also of the Behsaz Party. Sultan al-Baqir has been a unwavering supporter of the Palace, and critics claim that his appointment to the Grand Vizierate only cements the Palace’s hold over all political power outside of its immediate grasp. To his credit, Sultan al-Baqir quickly moblized the Kingdom’s various ministries and helped guide the Subjugation Bill through the Majlis despite the vehement protests of Satrap and former Grand Vizier, Rakesh Maziar Ackbar. It is widely rumored that Sultan al-Baqir will be named as Crown Prince when Osman Shahanshah announces the line of succession on Saturday January 7th.

The infamous nation-state of Aryez along with its founder Aryeztur formally joined the Kingdom of Babkha as a Sultanate held in direct fief to the Imperial Crown under Farman 051205. After a short stint as part of Lavalon, rejection by both the Dinarchy of Antica and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth – Aryez has finally found a resting place in Babkha, even as its founder Aryeztur was stripped of his Sultanate less than 24 hours after joining the Kingdom.

Following the tradition of past Shahanshah’s, New Year’s Awards were presented by and through Farman 081205. While eight prominent micronationalists were awarded for their various accomplishments, no Babkhan were recognized, which was seen as a significant departure from previous New Year’s Awards. King Danny I and presenters of Radio Lovely, all of the Kingdom of Lovely, were awarded the Grand Collar of the Order of the Rastakhiz and the Order of Merit respectively. Novaya Zemylan citizens were also recognized as Premier Vladimir Alexi was also awarded with the Grand Collar and Krasniy Yastreb was honored with the Nishan-i-Liaqat for his unique approach to space exploration.

The Palace was unavailable for comment on any of these Farmans.

Two Lovely Awards for the Inquisitor!

The Apollo Inquisitor has picked up two Lovely gongs at the 2005 Lovely Broadcasting Corporation Media Awards.

The Inquisitor won the award for Foreign Newspaper of the Year, while co-owner and editor Sir Iain de Vembria was named Foreign Reporter of the Year.

The is the first year of the LBC Media Awards, which were founded by the Lovely Broadcasting Corporation to honour the best national and micronational newspapers, and radio and television productions, as a means of “inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity”.