World in Brief

Ascalon Dominions Merged
After almost three years, the unique identity of the formerly sovereign micronation of New Macadam has finally been lost. The Ascalonian Privy Council has formally implemented the Crofton and New Macadam (Merger) Act, effectively removing the identities of the two former nations.

Kingdom of Pendronia
Activity has been sporadic in the Kingdom for the better part of the year, especially since the coup attempt in November 2003. Having struggled to bring the Kingdom back to life, it seems that the efforts of King Stephen are quickly failing. For all intensive purposes, Pendronia is now unofficially part of the defunct list of micronations.

Verelexia, the nation created by Atteran Ras Benjamin Gray, is attempting to get off its feet once again. National elections last month failed in the nation when the majority of registered citizens failed to participate (in fact only one citizen, Gray, has been active in the nation). Verelexia is looking for new citizens to help it develop and become active and new elections are planned for the future.

EIFA Tri Nations GF Rematch Produces a Winner!

Adelwin, Aerlig – The Superdome was again packed to the rafters today with people queuing in the streets for days to get their hands on tickets for the Grand Final Rematch of the EIFA Tri-nations Tourney. With the current world champions of German Soccer and the runners-up in the English World Cup doing battle, an estimated 67,000 people made their way to the dome to watch the match.

They weren’t to be disappointed either. The match got off to a blazing start, with a Babkhan goal in the first five minutes sending the crowd wild. When the Atterans quickly replied, a deafening roar echoed through the stadium. A scuffle broke out between a number of Babkha and Atteran nationals in the Eastern Stand after Babkha put away two more goals to take the lead 3-1, but with those fans removed the crowd went back to focusing on the game to notice that the Atterans had shot away to 3-4. The teams went back and forward scoring before the end of the first half, levelling the scores at 8 all.

The Babkha defence in the second half proved too much for the Atterans however, who only managed to score 2 goals in response to Babkha’s 4.

With Babkha’s win in this Tourney they have risen to 11th in the World Rankings,just below Navland and Cranda. Additional points to Attera sent it above New Macadam, while Aerlig was bumped up one place above Karnali to second.

EIFA is certainly heating up, with more action soon to come including the Champions Cup and the October Karnalian Tournament, all before the World Cup in three months time!

FINAL SCORE: Babkha 12 defeated Attera 10

CROWD: 67,028 @ MZM Superdome, Adelwin

New Macadam’s Fate Revealed

It’s been almost two weeks since the mass exodus of New Macadamian citizens occurred after the leader of the group, King Rodger, seemingly lost interest with the micronation. Now the fate of New Macadam has been revealed to the public and it is not what many expected. What was expected was that the nation would fold but instead it will become a dominion of the Most Serene Empire of Ascalon and give up its sovereignty much like Crofton did when it all but died. The move, while not expected, makes sense as New Macadam has been a member of the Ascalonian commonwealth for over a year and recognizes Ascalon’s monarch as its Head of State.

Mattlore Devious, one of the founders of New Macadam, made the announcement and has begun the process of archiving New Macadam’s Ezboard forums in anticipation of the nation relinquishing its independence to Ascalonian rule.

Follow-up: New Macadam Exodus

New details have emerged regarding the mass exodus of nine New Macadamian citizens from that nation. The exodus seems to surround a move by King Rodger, one of the nation’s founders, who decided to leave New Macadam. The other eight citizens were recruits of his from his Avondale School chess club and as such they decided to leave with Rodger. New Macadam’s government has yet to respond officially to the exodus, though this isn’t surprising as it’s unclear if the government still exists after so many citizens left.

Mass Emigration Hits New Macadam

In what has come as an absolute surprise to many, New Macadam has been hit by a mass emigration that has seen a total of nine citizens leave the nation. The emigration is led by long time New Macadam veteran and co-founder King Rodger who posted the news in his “Avondale Statement.” The exact reasons for the emigration are unclear, though there was an indication near the end of June that a major event like this was coming when William Choc vaguely requested Rodger to “reconsider” an issue.

With the reasons left un-stated, it is still prudent to assume that the emigration has something to do with a protest against the government, which has been largely inactive for the past two months as the nation has hit one of its traditional bouts of inactivity which occur almost regularly each year.

Exit Polls indicate re-election of Reform Government

The first election of the 2004 year is underway in New Macadam with exit polls showing that the next government will once again be made up of the Reform Party under Tom Clor. The Reform Party is expected to retain their two seats in the House of Assembly when the end of the election arrives on 30 Jan 2004. The remaining three parties, the Alliance, the Traditionalists, and the Communists, are expected to yield one seat apiece.

The major upset is for the Traditionalist Party which has held the position of Alto Jeuz for the past two terms. Current Alto Juez Helen is expected to receive the heave-ho out of office as current polls indicate Independent Tom Inculuv, the King’s Consul, has 80% of the vote under his belt.

With 20 out of 22 registered citizens having voted, MFP is confident to predict a Reformist minority government in the House of Assembly, with independent Tom Inculuv taking over the reigns of New Macadam’s judicial system.

New Macadam Elections Won by Reformers

New Macadam has held its latest election for the nation’s legislative assembly and the result is a minority government. The government will be formed by a newly started political party, the New Macadam Reform Party, which took seven of nineteen votes cast, winning two of the five seats in the assembly.

While it will form the government, the Reform Party will be governing in a minority situation with the three traditional parties – the Macadamian Traditional Party, The New Macadam Communist Revolution Party, and the Alliance Party – all taking one seat each. It is rumoured that the Traditional Party is in discussions to form a coalition with the Reformers.

In this election, the Alto Jeuz (chief justice) was also elected. Incumbent Helen (Macadamian Traditional Party) was re-elected to the position with 50% (10 votes) in favour of her continuing her role as the nation’s judicial head.