Impending Scottish vote attracts micronational attention

COPRIETA (CS) | With just hours to go until the start of the Scottish independence vote, micronationalists – both simulationist and secessionist alike – have begun to focus public attention on the matter.

In the Federal Republic of St. Charlie, the local media are buzzing about the government’s unexpectedly-neutral statement on the Scottish referendum that it would respect either outcome. According to the Atlantis Post, the government’s neutrality stems from a stark division on the issue, with Prime Minister Alex Specter strongly in support of an independent Scotland. Specter, who isn’t a resident of Scotland, stated to the press that if he were there, he “would certainly vote yes.” Specter’s Deputy Prime Minister, Nicolò Alvis, on the other hand referred to the desire for Scottish independence as a whimsical act.

Meanwhile, attention on the matter in the simulationist Bastion Union has been markedly nonchalant in the final hours before the vote. Thadeus Lange (a.k.a. Giles Melang) has opened a bet on the outcome of the referendum allowing those who choose the correct outcome to earn local SCUE currency.

The Scottish independence referendum concludes at 22:00 hours local time tomorrow night with results to follow shortly thereafter. Latest polls on the matter indicate that the outcome is too close to call.