Novapara hopes for renewal

FORT FUCA – Just weeks ago, Novapara, well-known for its professional-looking infographics and software initiatives, was placed into hiatus by its founder and leader, Mr Xavier. Yet already plans are underway for its re-birth in 2018.

A one-man micronation, Novapara ultimately met its demise on August 26 when Mr Xavier ran out of motivation to invest time in a project that had struggled to attract other participants to share the workload. The ensuing indefinite hiatus, however, became more finite today, though the same challenge remains to be overcome.

“The primary contributor to the failing government is the lack of people running it, ” Mr Xavier said in announcing a timeframe for Novapara’s return.

In order to attract others to the micronation, a “first half-year” agenda has been released, divided into three 2-month periods. The first two months will be dedicated to required maintenance on the Novian website, including its interactive citizens portal. Those efforts would be followed by work on the constitution and internal organization in months 3 and 4, while the last months will be spent creating new national identity and domestic products. Specific attention may also be paid to the expansion of the Novian Bank and its NovaPay financial services portal.

As for when the community may see the reborn Novapara, it is hoped that early-2018 will provide more favourable scheduling conditions; however, it was nonetheless cautioned that the attempt at planning a revival may still permanently fail.

Novapara to label organic foods

“Say NOO to GMO’s and harmful agriculture,” is the suggestion of the Novapara Organic Organization (NOO) as it launches an effort to see the intermironational community adopt organic agricultural practices.

The organization is hoping that the Kingdom of Novapara’s Fort Fuca Organic Act (FFOA), which is described as an “open document for any micronation to ratify” will encourage the community to adopt basic standards for organic agriculture. “[The Act] allows micronation farmers and corporations to have clear guidelines to properly grow and make their foods and advertise them as so,” said Novaparan ruler, Prince Xavier, in announcing the initiative.

Adoption of the Act would allow a micronation to label a food as “FFOA Grade Organic” if it meets six requirements that generally include it not being a genetically-modified organism, it not being subjected to synthetic or chemical treatments during its growth, and it not being artificially preserved.

While the FFOA is at present a minimalist document, with its content including only those six very generic requirements, it is hoped that it will be expanded in the future to include different types of certification according to Xavier.