Incumbent Prime Minister kicks off re-election early

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Incumbent Prime Minister Juan Ciervo of the People’s Democratic Party officially lauched his re-election bid in a speech before the student body of the University of Geneva. “I feel that it is my obligation and honor to seek reelection,” said the Prime Minister. “I ask the people of Alexandria to renew my term so I may provide the right leadership to better ourselves and reach new heights.”

The announcement for a re-election bid by Prime Minister Ciervo is the earliest anyone has announced their candidacy for Prime Minister in Alexandrian electoral history. The election is expected to become a tight three-way race between the three main political parties of Alexandria. So far, other parties still have yet to provide an official candidate for the upcoming Prime Ministerial election.

6th Imperial Parliament to take posession

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The 6th Imperial Parliament of Alexandria was recently chosen in what was a quiet election – no major campaign efforts were mounted by any political party within the Empire.

The results of the January 2007 parliamentary elections were confirmed immediately upon the closing of the nominations period, when it was obvious that all the candidates were running unopposed. All candidates won by default, resulting in the production of a more divided Parliament. Two seats (Asuncion and Baudrix) are held by independent candidates, two seats (Valenciennes and Ibelin) are held by the Alexandrian Anti-Party, and two other seats (Puerto Nuevo and Rio Grande) are held by the Alexandrian Conservative Party. The Prime Ministry is held by the People’s Democratic Party, which counts for one parliamentary seat.

The current makeup of the 6th Imperial Parliament might change within the next few weeks. The merger of the provinces of Asuncion and Puerto Nuevo into San Martin eliminated one seat in Parliament. A by-election is scheduled for this new seat.

Ciervo’s Interior appointment meeting opposition in Parliament

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – In what seems the end of newly elected Prime Minister Juan Ciervos’ political honeymoon, the Imperial Parliament has so far rejected the Prime Minister’s appointment of Jean Pierre Robespierre to the Ministry of Interior. Jean Pierre Robespierre was formerly a member of the Alexandrian Conservative Party and served as Minister of Interior under the Frias administration.

Former Prime Minister Jose Frias, now an MP from Rio Grande, and Jacques de Beaufort, MP from Ibelin, have both set up opposition to Robespierre’s appointment. Responding to the mounting opposition to Robespierre, Robespierre commented “Ok… what is up with the whole vote Robespierre out of office deal?”

The Ciervo Cabinet will include Jose Frias as Minister of Economics, Prince Augusto Benavides as Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Prime Minister has not submitted a candidate for the Ministry of Defense as of yet.

Ciervo wins Prime Ministry, end of Conservative Revolution

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The Conservative Revolution, begun in part by the likes of Sofia de Aragon and Jacques Gordon and which led to the establishment of the current Constitution, has been ended by Alexandrian voters who elected Juan Ciervo of the People’s Democratic Party with 54.5% (6 votes) of the vote. Incumbent Prime Minister Jose Frias only obtained 45.5% (5 votes) of the vote in one of the closest Prime Ministerial elections in Alexandria’s history.

The results were certified today by His Imperial Majesty, who published an Imperial Statement confirming Mssr. Ciervo’s win. As this article went to press, no candidate had made a comment on the election results.

Mssr. Ciervo’s razor-thin electoral victory may have spelled the end for Conservative dominance of Alexandria’s government. The Alexandrian Conservative Party has dominated the Prime Ministry since the ratification of the Alexandrian Constitution of 2005 last December. The last parliamentary election, held in October, were disastrous for the Conservatives who lost their supermajority in Parliament. Because the Prime Minister is also a member of Parliament, this was another resounding blow to the Conservative’s shrinking membership in Parliament.

It is still not clear what is the agenda on Mssr. Ciervo’s mind. During the campaign, he was the only candidate not to release a comprehensive manifesto.

ABCC poll gives advantage to Ciervo in Prime Ministerial elections

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – With the Prime Ministerial elections just a few days away, the ABCC released a poll giving the PDP challenger Juan Ciervo a comfortable majority over incumbent Conservative Prime Minister Jose Frias.

The poll, conducted by the ABCC from November 1st through the 10th, is a fairly accurate view of what the election might look like, since 8 out of 11 citizens participated in the poll.

Given the poll results, this election could indeed spell the end for the Alexandrian Conservative hold on the Prime Ministry since the ratification of the Alexandrian Constitution in December of 2005. Last parliamentary elections, the Conservatives also lost their supermajority in Parliament, due in part to inactivity and party division over Novasolum.

Frias releases “Agenda For Progress”, some opposition

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – With just a mere 10 days until the next Prime Ministerial election, incumbent Prime Minister Jose Frias and the PDP challenger Juan Ciervo are facing off in a heated campaign for the Prime Ministry of Alexandria. Just today, Prime Minister Jose Frias presented the Agenda For Progress, a concise electoral outline of what his second term would look like.

“…I have proven under my administration that I have been a man of results, a man of strong conviction and a man of fierce resolve. I wish to continue the path of progress and needed reform that I have begun,” wrote Frias in the Agenda. His electoral agenda highlighted several areas. These were government reform, electoral law, economics and finance, citizenship and immigration, society and civil rights, political parties, foreign affairs, provincial affairs and national defense. PM Frias reiterated his opposition to Novasolum, listing that it will be a priority to “reinvigorate the campaign for Alexandria’s departure from Novasolum.”

The electoral manifesto has already recieved some opposition from the Alexandrian Anti-Party leader, Pete James. “I canot agree with this,” said James, objecting to PM Frias’ point on implementing policies that would curtail abortion in Alexandria.