Baracão Minister of Interior Resigns

Baracão’s Minister of the Interior, Savinkov, has announced his resignation from the position as well as the end of his involvement in micronations once again. In a display that mirrored a scene witnessed just months ago when he first left micronations, Savinkov has cited ‘real life situations’ as the reason for the latest resignation. Savinkov is best remembered for founding the Soviet Republic of Arkania after withdrawing it from the Commonwealth of Puritania last year.

Madland in Crisis Situation says Emperor

The Kingdom of Madland and its Corresponding Empire, a micronation founded in late 2002, is in a state of crisis according to its Emperor, Edgard II. Citing the absence of its Prime Minister, Edward Guimont (a.k.a. Kuralyov), for the past several weeks, the Emperor today threatened to dissolve the nation permanently, or reform it into a new micronation, if the bleak situation did not improve soon. The lack of activity on the part of its citizens has always been a problem for Madland, which has been viewed as a one-man paple state by some micronationalists.

The desperateness of the Emperor to boost activity in Madland was evident today as a “sudden unexpected” revolt began in the territory of New Puerto Rico, a former Puritanian territory taken by Madland last year. One veteran micronationalist summed up quite well the general feeling over the situation in the intermicronational community. Hesam Jahandar (a.k.a. Conrad Cromien) called the revolution “nothing but a grab for activity [by Madland] to save itself.” Despite scepticism among the micronational world about the legitimacy of the entire revolution and Madland’s credibility, Emperor Edgard did proceed to contact several micronations regarding assistance to put down the revolt. Two of these nations, the Arminian Community and the Kingdom of Babkha, have yet to issue official statements regarding the requests.

Puritanian claims to Interland swiftly crushed

In a short display of diplomatic maturity, finesse and military restraint, Prime Minister Sinclair, and Leul Ras Daniel of Interland coupled with the support of the Emperor of the Atterans crushed any hope of Puritanian claims to Interland which were levied by Mr. Julian Starr, a high level Puritainian official and former Imperial Ras of Interland. Mr. Starr working to gain activity in Puritania attempted to bring about Interland’s union with Puritania by attempting to wrest Interland from the Atteran Empire.

Upon notification of his intent in the Puritanian forums, the Atteran Prime Minister Lord Liam, issued a statement condemning the action by Puritania in the LOM and notified several major Intermicronational governments, that they shouldn’t take Puritania’s move seriously. The Emperor issued his statement that informed all of the agreement between Interland and the Solomonic Empire and since there was no notification of the intent to leave the Solomonic Empire on Interland’s part by it’s Kaiser, Leul Ras Daniel of the House of Dreesbach, not to mention, there was not 2/3rds of Interland’s population that wished for unification with Puritania, Mr. Starr’s action should be viewed as illegal and ignored.

By the end of the week the crisis was over as, Mr. Starr visited the Atteran Imperial Forum and withdrew the Puritanian claim. The Atteran Imperial Government’s response was to keep the ban on Mr. Starr until further notice, but expressed no ill will towards him.

Bobby convicted in Puritanian High Court

Politikan President Bobby, and long time advisor to former Puritanian Lord Protector Starr, has been convicted by the High Court. Lord Chief Justice Alan Grieve, who presided over the case announced the verdict today. The charges on which Bobby was found guilty are violation of the Treason Act (one count), violation of the Security Act (one count), and finally, one count of violation of the Compact – the constitution of the Commonwealth of Puritania. The trial initially commenced on March 11/2003. Sentencing will be handed down at a later date. Justice Grieve said in the verdict that “[in regard to] the previous claim of head of state immunity, the Court has previously rejected that anyone can claim head of state immunity in respect of their activities in Puritania as Puritanian subjects.”

Bobby has yet to make a statement on the verdict. Meanwhile, the trial of former Lord Protector Julian Starr continues to be plagued by delays due to “real” world obligations on the part of Justice Grieve, as well as the lack of members of the jury. The latter problem has forced Justice Grieve to order the High Sheriff to find candidates for the jury by May 28 so that the trial may get back underway.

Update (20:09 hours): Bobby has issued the following response to his conviction in the Puritanian courts: “Conviction? What conviction? I don’t know anything about a conviction!”

Turmoil in Puritania

The current turmoil occuring in Puritania is due to it being annexed by the Anarchy 21 lead micronation of Karnali. The annexation, which occured on February 25/2003, has stopped the nation in its tracks as Anarchy 21 has gained full control over the Puritanian ezboard thanks to defecting administrators. While the situation has generally been ignored by most nations, that situation may soon change as the chance of resolution to the turmoil lessens. In anticipation of such a failure, the Kingdom of Babkha has unilaterally withdrawn all recognition of Puritania, voiding any agreements with the nation.

Starr proposes solution to Hurmu-Lyrica question

Puritanian Lord Protector and claimant to the MCS lands of the Lyrican Republic, Julian Starr, has proposed a treaty to the Republic of Hurmu, which has claimed Lyrica City to be its capital. The treaty, is accepted to be valid by the MCS, will declare the Lyrican Republic to be a living, breathing nation, despite the fact that it seems the exact opposite. The treaty will give the Lyrican’s the land immediately surrounding, and including Lyrica City while permitting Hurmu to retain the other former Lyrican lands.

The Governments of Puritania, Nova Roma, and Attera have all voiced their support for the treaty as a resolution to the issue, with those three nations having direct connections to Lyrica by way of having former Lyrican citizens, or “current” citizens, in their ranks. Hurmu and its supporters have yet to respond to the treaty proposal. It is expected that the MCS may be cold to the proposal as its chairman, Kaiser Raynor X, has stated previously that he does not take the claim by the Lyricans to the land seriously as the Lyrican Republic is long dead.