3rd Parliament passes first piece of Legislation

The 3rd Imperial Parliament has passed its first piece of legislation. The University of Geneva Bill provides for the re-institution of the University of Geneva offering courses to many across the Micronational world.

Introduced by Mme. Eva Fernandez, Leader of the Conservative Party, the bill was unopposed and passed 5 votes in favour and none against. Its provisions include a Board of Trusties to be chaired by a Chancellor appointed by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, and the creation of an Encyclopaedia of Alexandria.

State of emergency brings torrents of reformist decrees

Geneva, Alexandria; Genevan Arrow – Following the issuing of the writ of election for First Consul, the Emperor proceeded to dissolve the 13th Imperial Parliament and call for new elections, quoting the national activity crisis as a reason to dissolve the body. With the nation in a state of emergency, His Imperial Majesty now rules by decree, enabling him to enact the beginning of a national reform program that has profoundly changed the organization of the Government.

In coordination and consultation with First Consul Jose Frias and Speaker of Parliament Juan Ciervo, the National Government Reform Program decree┬áthat was promulgated today, in what is expected to be part of a large series of decrees that will reform the nation’s government, suppressed all Ministries as well as the state-run Catholic Church and the University of Geneva. The suppressed Ministries were replaced by two super Ministries: the Ministry of State, which is in charge of the duties of both the former Interior and Foreign Ministries, and the Ministry of War. An Office of Simulation and Government Accountability was created as well as an independent agency of the Government. The Council of State was also dissolved, as well as the defunct National Meritocratic System.

It has been confided from secret sources to the Genevan Arrow that a large program of reforms is still in the works; including a possible reorganization of the provinces and territories and a large forum reorganization effort. A possible rewrite of the nation’s law code and the Rules of Order of Parliament was also mentioned.

Alexandria to move its national message boards

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor of Alexandria, issued an Imperial Decree today establishing a timetable for its national message boards to move to a new home. The new message boards, located in the terabyte of national web space that the Government bought last summer, feature new legal research tools such as a Registrar of Acts and a Registrar of Imperial Decrees. The new message boards also feature the return of the Alexandrian Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of His Eminence Francis Camillus Puccis, the newly appointed Archbishop of Geneva.

All provincial fora, the High Court of Justice and the Imperial Parliament will officially move to the new forums beginning Friday May 30th. The rest of the fora will officially move on Monday June 2nd. As a precursor to the decree, all private government fora closed on Sunday, and transitioned over to the new forums last Monday.

New features and tools will continue to pop-up as the new national forums continue to develop and grow. Government officials now enjoy of a new database of templates and draft government documents to be used in their respective Government departments. Also on the works will be a revival of the University of Geneva, and the creation of a Imperial Legal Institute for the study of Alexandria’s law.

Incumbent Prime Minister kicks off re-election early

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Incumbent Prime Minister Juan Ciervo of the People’s Democratic Party officially lauched his re-election bid in a speech before the student body of the University of Geneva. “I feel that it is my obligation and honor to seek reelection,” said the Prime Minister. “I ask the people of Alexandria to renew my term so I may provide the right leadership to better ourselves and reach new heights.”

The announcement for a re-election bid by Prime Minister Ciervo is the earliest anyone has announced their candidacy for Prime Minister in Alexandrian electoral history. The election is expected to become a tight three-way race between the three main political parties of Alexandria. So far, other parties still have yet to provide an official candidate for the upcoming Prime Ministerial election.