Vyktory prepares for growth, renewal

[Submitted: The Vyktoryan Times]  With the current state of the Commonwealth of Vyktory being of desolation, depopulation, and disrepair, King James I is correct about being worried about the future state of the nation, especially after his own inactivity and procrastination placed the nation in such a state.

His Majesty, while stopping short of making a concrete plan, has decided to attempt to recruit more citizens, to create more activity, and to work on a robust economic and political simulation to entice people to immigrate. Vyktory’s recent application to join the newly founded Micronational Economic Group is a key tenet of this new simulation, with the King planning to use the MEG‘s online portal to underpin the economy.

The political simulation will run on a macro-level, with each person running their own party and attempting to gain seats in the national parliament. His Majesty will be making full use of the seat calculator that Carl Jackson of Safiria created back in April.

The nation’s sports teams are also a focus of the reforms, with new logos for Vyktory Dragons, the Vyktoryan FA, and the Vyktoryan Football League having been obtained at a cost of US$20.

Only time will tell if this will restore the nation or place it further into disrepair, but for now, His Majesty remains dedicated to the cause.

Vyktory qualify for CiboTap 2016

Originally posted on The Vyktoryan Times.

After a 2-1 home victory against Steeria and Highfield, Vyktory secured their place in the CTFA’s continental tournament known as the CiboTap, which will be held in the middle of the year in Calbion.

After the final whistle blew, 500 lucky fans were allowed onto the pitch at Vyktory National Football Stadium in Jamestown to celebrate, while qualification parties were held at bars, pubs and nightclubs across the nation.

Vyktory’s qualification was the first qualification for a major international tournament in the nation’s history, narrowly missing out on the World Cup in Craitland last year after a 3-3 aggregate away goal loss to Flanders after an 89th minute screamer at home brought Flanders ahead, which spurred the spread of the “Screw Flanders” meme inside Vyktory.

His Royal Majesty James I was quoted by the media as being incredibly excited and proud of the nation and the team, as well as the footballing culture and skill that Vyktory was showing.

The matches Vyktory faced to qualify are listed below.

  1. Mancunia 0-1 Vyktory
  2. Vyktory 3-0 Nolland
  3. Steeria and Highfield 1-2 Vyktory
  4. Vyktory 4-0 Centralya
  5. Vyktory 1-1 Mancunia
  6. Nolland 1-3 Vyktory
  7. Vyktory 2-1 Steeria and Highfield

With just one match left to play, all eyes are on the Vyktoryan territory of Mancunia, who are just a single point above the fellow Galatians in Nolland, with Mancunia having a game in hand over Nolland ahead of the match between the two teams on May 18th.

Also qualifying for the CiboTap from their groups is Natopia from Group A and Zandarijn from Group D.

Vyktory aims for greater diplomacy

KINGSTOWN – Recognizing its current state of isolation in the micronational community, the Commonwealth of Vyktory has announced a plan to spur the development of new diplomatic relationships.

Vyktory currently reports formal relations with less than half-a-dozen micronations, including just two within the Micras community (Mercury and Natopia) in which it is seeking to focus more diplomatic efforts during an upcoming tour of its monarch, James-Robert Knight.

“I believe Vyktory has reached a point where [holding] ourselves up in relative isolation is not going to do us much good,” said Knight in announcing his intention to engage in more diplomacy with the Micras community, beyond the football league discussions that occupies the bulk of its current efforts.

Knight told the Coprieta Standard that his immediate aim is to secure formal relations with Craitland and Safiria, while making initial contact with Alexandria, Ergonia and Gotzborg. He also hopes to foster trade with Vyktory through the SCUE.

Vyktory expands Micras diplomatic presence

KINGSTOWN (CS) | The Commonwealth of Vyktory has established formal diplomatic relations with several Micras micronations, as it seeks to expand its presence beyond the MicroWiki community.

The foray into diplomacy with the Simulationist community is largely focused on the Bastion Union group of micronations, with recognition being granted to Craitland, Natopia and Shireroth. In making the announcement, President James-Robert Knight noted that the recognition of those micronations represented a starting point. “I’d have recognised more, but I didn’t want to stir the pot too much,” said Knight.

Shirerithian Minister of the Exterior, Stellus Yastreb, welcomed the recognition, calling Vkytory’s increased involvement in Micras a positive move in ensuring the community’s “collective survival”.

Established earlier this year, Vyktory was originally a secessionist micronation of the MicroWiki Community, having declared its independence from Australia on July 6. By the end of September, it began associating more closely with the Simulationist community upon lodging a successful claim with the Micronational Cartography Society that created the “Virtual Dependency” of Vyktoryan Micras. It has since become a member of the Fédération Micraise de Sport (FMS) and the Standardised Currency and Unified Economy (SCUE) Micras-based organizations.