Controversial bill seeks dissolution of Shireroth

SHIREKEEP (CS) – Kai Jackson has proposed controversial legislation in the Landsraad that would result in the dissolution of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, which just last month celebrated its thirteenth year of existence.

In tabling his bill, Jackson cited his belief that Shireroth “cannot again reach the activity levels of the glory days” as his primary motivation to seek its dissolution, adding that such a bold move “shall generate much-needed activity.”

The bill proposes that Shireroth be succeeded by its current administrative divisions (Goldshire, Hyperborea, Kildare, Lichbrook, Safiria, Yardistan, and Shirekeep) becoming their own sovereign micronations. Upon achieving sovereignty, these successor states would continue to be aligned with each other through a “Group of Seven” to encourage commerce and intercultural exchange “as they attempt to manifest their respective destinies.”

The bill was quickly panned by several ranking Shirerithians, with Krasniy Yastreb referring to the measure as another “panicky” reaction to Shireroth’s current lull in activity. Said Yastreb, “What this would create is a series of territories too inactive to support themselves, which end up falling [to inactivity] in short order.”

Vilhelm Benkern was equally cool to the proposal stating that “a minor trough is no reason to disband at all,” and calling for Jackson to be ruled out as a potential candidate for future Kaiser for proposing such a measure. Jackson defended his proposal, responding to Benkern that “I don’t think three years is a minor trough.”

Kaiseress Mira Raynora also voiced her opposition to the bill, calling dissolution “unthinkable,” while noting that Shireroth, while not as active as in its past, was nonetheless still productive. Raynora viewed the proposal as an opportunity to reform the current system of governance in Shireroth, encouraging individuals to propose ways to improve the system as opposed to pursuing dissolution of the state. Her view was echoed by Soreaa Isurui, who voiced that reforms have to be moderate while cautioning that “too little of it or too much of it is clearly nothing that we can afford.”

Debate on the proposal continues in the Landsraad as of press time.

News Briefs: 18 Feb 2002

Micronationalism: Real life has been busy for Julian Starr, and Eddie Guimont (Kuralyov) so both have decided to take a while off from micronations. Best of luck to them!

Amerada: President Washburn of Amerada dropped charges against Peter Little for offending Amerada by defacing the Amerada Flag after Mr. Little formally apologized for the incident. The last time that charges were brought up for defacing the flag was when Liam Sinclair place a communist symbol on the flag when President Washburn admitted to being a dictator. Those charges were also dropped after Mr. Sinclair took the flag down.

New Macadam: The former Internal Minister for New Macadam has lost the census’ that were completed by 8 citizens of New Macadam. His reason for the loss was that Hotmail deletes any old posts when the account reaches it’s total allowed size. The new Internal Minister now has to redo the census, or scrap it altogether.

Shireroth: YAC is back. After Yardistan reverted back to Shireroth in Tymaria this week, the YAC has decided to get active again. Lucky us. This is just one of many events in the Yardistan rebellion against the leader of Shireroth.

New Shirerothian Territory: Yardistan

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY – This This small, previously obscure Eastern town has suddenly become the focus and capital of the rapidly growing Shirerothian territory of Yardistan.

Yardistan was born when Stjepan Aracic, former Istvanistani leader and friend to the Shirerothian Kaiser, donated five square centimeters of his yard to be Shirerothian territory. T. Au, Shireroth Economics Minister, donated a cabbage patch and part of a basement to expand upon Aracic’s gift. Scott Alexander of Hyperborea added a dead tree, and Dan K. donated his entire backyard, although he may not know this yet. A few other minor annexations of unguarded Jasonian territory (see above), and the new territory has expanded to a worldwide conglomeration of various unused and disgusting areas.

Yardistan already has its own motto, thought up by the founder, Stjepan. “Yardistan: The place where small insignificant patches of filth come together from over thousands of miles to make something great!”. “Mwahahaha,” added Aracic.

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