Taking action against inactivity in the Commons

Press Release 20020513

13 May 2002

Statement by Premier Sinclair

It has been almost three months since the Tebec Commons, and the government, moved its operations to an ezboard. This move was intended to make Tebec more public, and to allow legislators to do their job more efficiently.

However, we seem to have been able to weed out a problem among many in the Commons. This problem is that some legislators are quite inactive. Though there is no guidelines regarding how many legislators must vote for a bill to pass in Tebec, it is quite annoying to see only a 60% turnout by the legislators during voting. This is a good level for a legislative vote, but its the repeat offenders we must look at.
The Tebec Commons has one member who has never voted on any bill and appears to be only there for the frills, while another member has been absent as of late. One of them is from the TCP, the other is from the MST, so this problem is not limited to just one party.
Perhaps this upcoming by-election will create some activity in the legislature. If the DLPT should win, then the, by far, biggest rival of the TCP will finally have a seat and a say in Tebec affairs.

Yet, despite this possibility, the fact is, we cannot have current legislative members sitting on their backsides and watching as the more dedicated members do their job. It is indeed time for the Legislature to solve this problem. That is why the government will be introducing an amendment to the Legislative Act in the Second Session of the Commons this summer that will be designed to oust a member of the legislature if he/she has been inactive for a prolonged period and force a by-election to replace that person, with a more dedicated person, hopefully.

The people of Tebec should not have to bear the burden of an inactive member of the Commons. A member of the Legislature is elected to represent the people, not to sit around and benefit off the people for nothing in return.

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