Tebec and Massacavut Discuss Trade Relations

The two colonies in Amerada, Tebec and MCD, are currently discussing the formalization of free trade between the two. Tebec currently tariffs all goods coming into it from both within and outside of Amerada.

However, MCD Governor Earl Washburn, seems not to take the formalization very seriously since he claims that the only substance of value his colony exports is large amounts of marijuana. The Tebec Government is expected to introduce the Imports/Exports Act, 2002 in the second session of the Commons later this year, and under it, illegal drugs will be outlawed from being imported onto Tebec markets. Illegal Drugs will be outlined through an act in the second session as well.

This would mean that MCD’s “greatest” resource, as implied by its government, would not be permitted into Tebec. This is seen as a possible barrier to economic relations, though an acceptable one at that, but in the long run, this barring of marijuana from Tebec may be good for MCD’s economy by forcing them to branch out into other sectors.
It would be wise for the MCD Government to consider this FTA seriously, as it may be better for MCD in the long-run. Tebec is the only colony in Amerada that is not below the poverty-line economically, many thanks to the economic policies that the current Tebec Government is introducing, such as an open business market, incentives to individuals wishing to start businesses and a friendly tax policy.

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