Tebec elections conclude

After a week of being open, the polls closed in the Tebec Legislative elections. Sixty percent of the vote (or 21 votes) went to the Republican Conservative Alliance of Tebec (RCAT) with the other 14 votes (or 40%) going to the Monarchist Society of Tebec. Liam Sinclair is the leader of the RCAT and Peter Little is the leader of the MST. Both will take up a seat in the legislature. Both parties will also get one other seat each of the remaining two seats in the legislature. The people who will fill those two seats are yet to be announced. Governor Sinclair, under Tebec Legislative law has a vote in the House and in the event of a tie, he, as governor, will receive a second, tie breaking vote. Now that the Tebec Legislative Election is over, the Colony of Tebec’s site has officially closed so that it can be used for other purposes in the future.

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