Tebec Elections to Start on 9 February

The deadline for parties to register for the elections was February 01st, 2002. Unfortunately, President Washburn kept putting registering the DLPA off and never made the deadline after being notified twice in the previous month to register. This means that the election will be a battle between two federal coalition partners. The RCAT will run Liam Sinclair as its candidate and the MST will run Peter Little. President Washburn was fuming over the DLPA being disqualified for not registering before the deadline. He started calling the Governor of Tebec, Mr. Sinclair, a mean person for enforcing the colonial election laws. Apparently, the President thinks any law is stupid if the DLPA forgets to abide by it. If it were any other party, the President would have no problem with the law. In an MSN chat, Governor Sinclair, after becoming irritated by the President’s whining said. “Earl, stop saying the same thing over and over. You had one month to register, you never, not my loss.”

President Washburn responded to this by threatening to revoke all federal monies for Tebec. The President also threatened to impose a “gold Tax” exclusive to Tebec and not impose a similar tax on the most abundant natural resources of other colonies. The President has clearly directed this prejudicial act at Governor Sinclair and the Colony of Tebec and Governor Sinclair said that he will not obey any federal law that is created to imitate Tebec or as revenge for the DLPA not registering because Tebec has nothing to do with the failure of Washburn to register his party for the Tebec Elections. The President strongly opposed creating a similar tax in other colonies which further proves this so-called “gold tax” concept is directed solely at Sinclair as revenge for enforcing the Tebec election guidelines that were posted nearly a month before the actual election! President Washburn calls Governor Sinclair a dictator because the governor never reminded Earl to register the DLPA after notifying him twice. The Governor never extended a reminder to any other political party so the act was fair. It’s not the fault of the governor that President Washburn puts stuff off solely so that he can call people communist, dictators and a wide variety of childish insults. Grow up Earl, or at least get your mind checked.

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