Tebec legislative elections underway

The polls opened Feb 09/2002. The parties running are the Republican Conservative Alliance of Tebec (RCAT) and the Monarchist Society of Tebec (MST). As mentioned in the previous LATJ edition, the DLPA forgot to register their party for the election. It is expected for the RCAT to win the election, and so far, the RCAT has 70% of the vote (Sunday, Feb 10/2002). Under Amerada Election Laws, we have to use a poll for these things so no matter who wins, the election itself is a farce because you can vote as many times as you can reconnect your dial-up modem to the net! This election will determine which party takes over control of the legislature (4 seats total, each party can hold a maximum of 3). The elections for governor are still almost 20 months away. The LATJ will publish the official results in its next edition – at which time the Elections Tebec office will be officially releasing the results to the public.

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